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Agency Workers Changes for Northern Ireland

Posted in: Supplementary Articles NI on 10/01/2011 On 15th December 2010, the Employment and Learning Minister, Danny Kennedy, announced a public consultation on the policy proposals and draft regulations which will implement the Agency Workers Directive in Northern Ireland. This public consultation will close on Friday 11th March 2011 and the cons...

2011: Behold the Future - Less of the Same

Posted in: Supplementary Articles NI on 05/01/2011 What might we expect in 2011 in the employment field? An increase in home working and tele-conferencing to get around the snow and ice travel problems? Perhaps - it makes sense now but will be driven by business needs; not legislation. Certainly, a survey by Orange has revealed that 74% of SMEs are...

Retraction of Resignation

Posted in: Supplementary Articles NI on 14/12/2010 Many employers will have had experience of employees who resign in the heat of the moment, possibly following an acrimonious exchange, and then subsequently have a change of heart and seek to withdraw the resignation. We have asked Ciara Fulton how employers should deal with such situations. Intro...

Employing Migrant Workers

Posted in: Supplementary Articles NI on 29/11/2010 In the light of recent government announcements relating to the cap on migrant workers we asked Fiona Cassidy of Jones Cassidy Jones solicitors to review some of the issues surrounding this matter. IntroductionThe new rules announced by Theresa May on 23 November have generated considerable controv...

Do Stringer and Pareda Apply Only in the Public Sector?

Posted in: Supplementary Articles NI on 24/11/2010 In 2009, there were a number of important developments in the law relating to holidays and sickness absence namely, the decisions in “Stringer & Others v HM Revenue & Customs”; “Schultz-Hoff v Deutsche Rentenversichering Bund” and “Pereda v Madrid Movilidad SA”.While these cases provided so...

Beat the Recession with Public Sector Contracts: Part 1

Posted in: Supplementary Articles NI on 08/11/2010 The public sector spends large sums of money each year and they are always looking for new suppliers. Thoughts of supplying to this market are often halted by the statement, ‘It’s too difficult and I might not win the contract’. However, considering the expanse of the public sector, there may be an...
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Contracts of Employment

Insolvency and Termination of Contracts of Employment

Posted in: Supplementary Articles NI on 29/09/2010 This article sets out the law in relation to the various forms of insolvency and the impact they might have on employment status.IntroductionIn an insolvency situation, much confusion surrounds the continuing employment of the Company’s employees. Whether their jobs will be affected by the Company’...

New Draft LRA Code on Discipline and Grievance Matters

Posted in: Supplementary Articles NI on 06/09/2010 Introduction The Labour Relations Agency on its website has just published, for consultation, a Draft Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures. Public consultation on the draft Code of Practice will end on Friday 26th November 2010. We do not at this time expect a new Code to be in...

Cutting Back on Perks and Benefits

Posted in: Supplementary Articles NI on 17/08/2010 We have asked the Corporate Legal Services department of PwC to set out advice in relation to 'perks' at work and their possible removal in order to save costs.Although not legally defined, employee perks are generally recognised to be the little extras that make going to work more enjoyable, such ...

Consultation Time

Posted in: Supplementary Articles NI on 20/07/2010 The hopefully quieter summer period can be a great time to plan and catch up on the things you meant to do but couldn't get around to when things were in full swing. You might want to use this period to influence employment changes that will affect you and others.The Labour Relations Agency has rev...