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Employment issues and inclement weather

Posted in: Supplementary Articles NI on 07/01/2010 The big issue facing employers and employees alike at the moment is, of course, the impact of the wintry weather - some employees cannot get to work, or choose not to try, some employers face shortages of supplies to keep production going, others face a downturn in business because their customers ...

Employee Must Read the Dismissal Letter for Dismissal to be Effective

Posted in: Supplementary Articles NI on 17/07/2009 E&W Court of Appeal rules claim was in time because employee could not have known about dismissal until after the weekend. Gisda Cyf v Barratt [2009] EWCA Effective Date of Termination; Dismissal by Letter It is fairly common (indeed, it could be regarded as best practice to avoid allegations t...

Sir Fred Goodwin and an Employer’s Right to Claw Back Bonus

Posted in: Supplementary Articles NI on 27/03/2009 Tughans Solicitors outline the steps required to vary employees' terms and conditions of employment. The refusal of the former Royal Bank of Scotland Chief Executive, Sir Fred Goodwin, to give up his £693,000 annual pension has sparked controversy in recent weeks with former ally Gordon Brown calli...
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