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Let’s Talk About… Mental Health in the Workplace

Posted in: Let's Talk About... on 16/05/2018 Mental health is fast becoming a hot topic in the workplace. It is rarely out of the media, reflecting campaigns by the health trusts, charities, even celebrities and the Royal Family. This is perhaps not surprising when you consider that recent research undertaken by 'Business in the Community' ...

Let's Talk About... Festive Parties Without the Harassment Hangover

Posted in: Let's Talk About... on 11/12/2017 It’s December! How has that happened? December arriving means that it's festive party season again! Does this mean it's time to dust off the old festive advice and go to town on how you should police your work-related events? Given the sharpening focus on harassment in the workplace (and more gener...

Let’s Talk About… Employees and Immigration Post-Brexit

Posted in: Let's Talk About... on 20/11/2017 Let's talk about... some frequently asked questions about workers and immigration following Brexit Brexit has inevitably led to a multitude of questions and concerns being raised on the part of employers regarding how the potential loss of free movement of workers between the UK and EEA countries m...

Let’s Talk About… Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Posted in: Let's Talk About... on 26/09/2017 Overview I have been asked on several occasions recently about the status of the gender pay gap reporting obligations in Northern Ireland. In short, the gender pay gap reporting obligations which were introduced in Great Britain this year have not been introduced in Northern Ireland to date. Howe...
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Discrimination and Equality Pay and Conditions of Employment