Sara R Phillips

International Trans Fund & Transgender Europe


About Sara R Phillips

Sara R Phillips is a Trans activist working globally. She has been involved with trans activism for over 30 years.  Sara is a board member of the National Women's Council of Ireland, She is the Co-Chair of the International Trans Fund in Toronto and Co-Chair of Transgender Europe in Berlin.She is the former Chair of the Board of Directors of Ireland's national trans organisation, Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI), serving 10 years in that position.Sara was one of the lead negotiators to the Gender Recognition Act 2015 and served on the Governmental review of the act in 2018.  Sara was honoured as Dublin LGBTQ Pride Grand Marshall in 2018. She is the founder, researcher and archivist of the Irish Trans Archive. Sara is currently the National Manager in Ireland for multinational construction materials manufacturer CPG-Europe.