Prof Mark Keane


Full Professor Of Computer Science

About Prof Mark Keane

Since 1998, Prof. Mark Keane has been Chair of Computer Science at University College Dublin. From 2004-2007 he was Director of ICT (2004-2006) and Director General (2006-2007) at Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) where he oversaw a 700M+ euro research investment. He was an advisor to the Irish Government on its €3.7B Strategy for Science, Technology & Innovation (SSTI). From 2007-2009, he was VP of Innovation & Partnerships at UCD.  He has a BA (UCD) and PhD (TCD) in Cognitive Psychology and previously worked at the University of London, Open University, Cardiff University and Trinity College Dublin (FTCD, 1994).  Prof. Keane has published 200+ articles, including 20+ books. He is a PI in the Insight SFI Centre for Data Analytics and VistaMilk SFI Centre.   His work in Cognitive Science is concerned with how people generate new ideas from old knowledge (using analogy, concept combination, metaphor) and how they deal with things they don't know or expect (surprise, unexpectedness).   In Artificial Intelligence, he works on case-based reasoning, machine learning and explainable AI.