Lydia Collins


Associate Consultant

About Lydia Collins

Lydia joined Included as an Associate Consultant in 2022 and supports the delivery of client work across the 5 key Service areas

Previously, she worked with the Student Success department of Pearson, supporting 300 students with varying needs in attaining their Master’s Degrees. During her time at Pearson, Lydia was involved with D&I initiatives, and Pearson Able (for employees devoted to the inclusion of Disabled people).  Lydia was invited to represent Pearson Able in meetings with the CEO, and Chief Diversity Officer during her time at Pearson. Outside of this, Lydia co-created a community of learners and activists as part of community group EDIT (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Thread), running workshops on topics from microaggression, to loneliness, to accessible activism, during the pandemic.  

Lydia led the Global Changemaker Award winning Imagine a Day Team as UK Manager, and delivered projects in Kosovo, Brazil, New Zealand, and the UK. In Kosovo, this was the first inter-ethnic post conflict resolution workshop of its kind, and Lydia later presented her research on this project at the International Drama in Education