David Gillick

Olympian, European Champion, Author and Health Advocate

About David Gillick

One of Ireland’s most successful athletes, a two-time European champion, an Olympian and a world finalist. David Gillick competed at the top of his sport through taking ownership, relocating, staying motivated, keeping a promise and building a plan. He retired in 2013 and found new challenges and opportunities in the MasterChef Kitchen. All seemed well but on the inside David was in turmoil and since has been vocal on his physical and mental struggles and the resulting tips and strategies he used to manage his mental wellbeing.

David’s talks are engaging, motivating and real. He shares his story in an honest and human way which covers area around mindset, exercise, food and rest. With real life advice and tips the audience will have an insight into David’s tool box which helps him manage his health and wellbeing.