Craig Thompson

Vibrant Talent

Founding Director

About Craig Thompson

Craig is the Founding Director of employee engagement consultancy Vibrant Talent and creator of the Vibrant Workplace Forum, Vibrant Workplace Podcast and Vibrant Workplace Collective - an exclusive community of employers of choice granted access only after successful completion of the 12-week culture audit - the Vibrant Workplace Challenge. 

 Following a number of years in which he was responsible for the training and recruitment functions of the audience contact department of a major media organisation, receiving industry recognition in this time from the CCA and CIPD, he set Vibrant up to change the way the world works. He's since worked with clients with between tens and tens of thousands of employees across the Tech, Manufacturing, Hospitality & Catering, Utilities, Recruitment, Media, Advertising, Insurance, Internet and Telecommunications industries amongst others.

 Craig's life's mission is to drive a movement toward a better working world for both employers and employees as he fundamentally believes a better experience of work for employees creates a better performing business for employers.