Diversity and Inclusion Resources for Employers in Northern Ireland

These Northern Ireland Diversity and Inclusion resources help employers to prove they are taking steps towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Legal Island has been helping organisationd improve their equality and diversity work since first hosted a D&I conference in March 1999. Since then, we have been at the forefront of activity in Northern Ireland to encourage employers to embrace diversity and inclusion in their workplace.

In 2015, Legal Island developed the first Diversity & Inclusion compliance training specifically for Northern Ireland employers, compliant with Northern Irish law and the challenges specific to organisations here. To date, we have trained more employees in Northern Ireland on D&I than any other organisation. 

Over the past few years, Legal Island has run a number of additional initiatives to help local employers enhance diversity and inclusion in the workplace:

About the Diversity & Inclusion eLearning Courses

Legal Island is launching a brand-new eLearning course within this topic area, Diversity & Inclusion - The Importance of Conscious Inclusion. This course will help your staff understand the importance of inclusive behaviour in the workplace and the value it brings to both your staff and your organisation.

About this course

Whilst Northern Ireland continues to progress towards a society that is more inclusive and fairer for all, recent events such as differing opinions on Covid vaccination status, Climate change, and the Black Lives Matter and #Metoo movements have forced us all to focus and reflect on issues relevant to diversity and inclusion like never before.

This course will share suggestions on how to work in a positive and inclusive manner with people who have very different views from your own. It will also explain equality legislation in Northern Ireland, which provides protection against harassment and discrimination.

What topics will be covered?

+ What diversity and inclusion is

+ The law relating to diversity and inclusion

+ The importance of inclusion

+ How to work in a positive and inclusive manner

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About the Diversity & Inclusion Mastermind Course

The D&I Mastermind group, working online, is designed to help those responsible for D&I in their workplace implement key initiatives.

Facilitated by Barry Phillips BEM, Chair of the D&I Discussion Forum with guest contributor Stephen Frost, co-author of "Building an Inclusive Organisation" and head of D&I at the London Olympics 2012.

The purpose of the group is to:

  • deliver peer support and accountability around the implementation of a D&I initiative chosen by each group member
  • learn from individual and group study of a leading D&I textbook
  • benefit from the input of an internationally recognised expert on D&I
  • share D&I expertise and experience of implementing D&I initiatives

About the Diversity & Inclusion Summit

Legal Island and Included present the Diversity and Inclusion Summit 2022 - A Close Look at Inclusive Leadership and the Practical Tools of D&I.

Taking place on 5th May 2022, we bring together leading experts in the field of diversity and inclusion to share their experiences, and provide practical advice and guidance, in implementing a truly meaningful and diverse culture in your workplace. 

This online summit promises to have every attendee leaving with plenty to reflect on personally as well as plenty of useful takeaways you’ll be able to implement in the workplace immediately.

Recent Case Law Reviews and Articles on Discrimination and Equality Issues

The Northern Ireland Employment Law Hub contains a plethora of articles and case law reviews on issues relevant to diversity and inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion Charter Mark Update

Effective as from 1 March 2022, Legal Island has merged its Diversity and Inclusion Charter Mark with Diversity Mark NI to provide a unique offering to the market place of legal compliance with D&I stretch targets. More information on this D&I Chartermark is available here.