High Court Judge recruitment 2017

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NIJAC is inviting applications for the office of High Court Judge.

It is intended to make 3 appointments.
To be eligible for appointment a person must be by 5 September 2018:
• a member of the Bar of Northern Ireland of at least 10 years’ standing
• a solicitor of the Court of Judicature of Northern Ireland of at least 10 years’ standing.

Salary: £181,566 per annum
This post is pensionable.

Closing date: 12 noon on Monday 8 January 2018.
For full details and to apply online please visit www.nijac.gov.uk
or phone 028 9056 9114.

By The Right Honourable Sir Declan Morgan, Lord Chief Justice for Northern Ireland and Chairman of the NIJAC

The office of High Court Judge is one of the most important and senior of judicial roles. A High Court Judge will preside not only over cases which arise in the criminal and civil justice systems, but their decisions affect a diverse society in many other areas such as human rights, judicial review, family law, mental health and immigration.

Therefore, I strongly encourage applications from outstanding individuals who can demonstrate significant relevant experience, who have recognised expertise in their respective fields of law and who can meet the challenges required to fulfil this entrusted position.

It is essential that applicants not only have the highest levels of intellectual capacity, knowledge and leadership ability but are able, as public servants, to demonstrate a real understanding of human nature and the society that they serve.

I recognise that in a small jurisdiction such as Northern Ireland, it can be difficult for applicants to come forward to be considered for senior judicial office. Consequently, I want to encourage a diverse pool of the right applicants of the highest calibre, both women and men to come forward for consideration.

I am determined as Lord Chief Justice, and therefore as both head of the judiciary and Chairman of the Northern Ireland Judicial Appointments Commission, to work with my fellow Commissioners and staff to secure the best possible appointment to the High Court Bench.

Such an outcome is clearly in the interests of the public at large as well as those who use the courts and tribunals.

Only applicants of exceptional abilities, qualities and skills will be worthy of consideration for appointment to the High Court.

The process of assessment and selection for appointment to this position of trust will be demanding, challenging and thorough. Its singular purpose is to appoint the best applicants, solely on the basis of merit.

All information about appointment to the prestigious office of High Court Judge is available on our website www.nijac.gov.uk

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