New Guide to Coping with Financial Stress in Old Age

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For adults across the developed world, the peak years for financial stress are the 30s and especially the 40s. During this period many adults are contending with competitive jobs while also attempting to meet mortgage bills, bring up a young family, and eat. However, there is also financial stress around the time of retirement and old age.

It varies from country to country with it peaking in countries like the United States where there are high healthcare costs. Regardless of the locale, retirees are often dealing with declining incomes, the state pension often not being enough to live on, while many costs stay consistent.

There is a struggle to know what to do and how to fund it. This can lead to stress which can in turn lead to health and mental health issues or the exacerbation of existing ones. It is vital for people of all ages to understand these issues, their causes, and possible solutions. This guide on financial coping strategies for stressed seniors is an excellent starting point:

The guide was written by Leigh Marcos, who is based in the US and got in touch with Legal-Island. Leigh wrote the online guide due to a combination of her father's workplace being downsized in his 60s and her mother falling ill, which seriously affect their financial planning for retirement and has exacerbated their health problems. They have inspired Leigh to write a guide for seniors and their families about the most common causes of financial stress, how it affects the person, and provide some coping strategies. Although there are US references, the advice is applicable generally and covers topics such as:

  • Long and Short Term Consequences
  • Coping Strategies for Stress
  • Taking Steps to Solve the Financial Issues

It's well worth a read if you or a loved one are nearing retirement:

Leigh Marcos is a mother of two, but also a daughter. When her father was downsized, she decided to speak out about financial stress in senior citizens. In her spare time, of which there is too little, she loves to walk her King Charles Spaniel, Buster. Contact her on

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