The Fundamentals of AI for HR

The Fundamentals of AI for HR

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In association with Hays and Mazars

Join us for this unique opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the evolving world of AI for HR professionalsOur carefully curated programme and panel of speakers will help you understand the implications of AI for your organisation. AI will transform many organisations helping them to automate key processes – many of which will be in HR. This event helps you understand your contribution in HR to building and implementing this new world of AI-assisted work. 

By the end of this event, you will: 

  • Have a firm understanding of how AI is likely to be used in most organisations via applications such as ChatGPT4 (& 5), Claude, Copilot, Google Gemini, Lama, Meta etc; 
  • Understand the legal issues and concerns currently applying to AI
  • Be aware of how bias can operate in AI and how to mitigate its impact 
  • Understand how to best approach the change AI will bring to your organisation 
  • Be able to re-appraise the new skills your organisation will need as a result of increased reliance on AI 
  • Know how better to prompt AI machines such as ChatGPT for optimal use and performance 
  • Leave with an understanding of future and emerging technologies relevant to every workplace 

Who should attend?

Whether you are an HR manager, director or a HR team member, this event offers insights and strategies to stay ahead in your field. It is particularly relevant to those who wish to learn from the experiences of their peers and those who want to explore the trends and emerging technologies with experts in AI relevant to HR Professionals.

Why should you attend?

As the digital era continues to redefine the workplace, HR managers and directors find themselves at the forefront of a revolution that demands a deeper understanding of AI's impact on the workforce. This event will explore why HR professionals must equip themselves with knowledge about AI, exploring its relevance to HR functions, organisational dynamics, and the imminent future of work. 

From talent acquisition to employee engagement and performance management, AI is streamlining traditional practices, making them more efficient, data-driven, and objective. HR professionals need to grasp these transformations to lead their organisations into a future where talent and technology merge seamlessly.   

Our experts will also delve into the challenges and opportunities posed by AI in HR, emphasising the need for HR leaders to drive ethical AI adoption within their organisations. 

Discover how HR professionals can leverage AI to make informed decisions, predict workforce trends, and proactively address organisational challenges.  Book your place now!



This programme is subject to change to respond to any relevant AI updates.





Welcome and Get to Know Us:  Familiarise yourself with the functions of our online event to ensure you maximise return on your investment.  
9.30am – 10.15am 

An Overview of the Application of AI to HR 

Making sense of it all: ChatGPT4 (& 5), Claude, Copilot, Google Gemini, Lama, Meta etc. what deserves the attention of HR most and why? 

Kieran Gilmurray, Digital Transformation Expert provides a closer look at which parts of the employment cycle call for AI automation the most: recruitment, onboarding, performance management, skills analysis and off boarding. You’ll learn how you can go about implementing AI in the HR department and beyond!

10.15am – 10.45am 

AI and Legal Compliance 

Get the latest advice from Linda Hynes, Partner at Lewis Silkin on how to maximise AI at work whilst minimising or eliminating risks. 

10.45am - 11am 

 Networking & Break 

11.00am – 11.30am 

Bias and Fairness in AI 

Hailed as a way to banish bias from recruitment, several well-known organisations have found without the proper know-how, AI can cause big headachesJoin us as David O'Sullivan and Stephanie Dossou from Mazars discuss: 

  • Ensuring fairness in AI-based HR decisions. 
  • Recognising and mitigating bias in AI algorithms. 
  • Transparency and the use of AI 



AI & Your Employees: Managing Change in Times of Uncertainty 

James Hutt and Lewis Lloyd from Paradigm Junction provide their expertise on how organisations can navigate technological disruption successfully: 

  • Techniques for fostering adaptability and innovation in a rapidly evolving workplace 
  • Strategies for seamless AI integration: balancing technology upgrades with employee well-being and job security 
  • Building Resilience: Empowering teams to embrace AI-enhanced workflows and overcome resistance to change 

12 –12.15 



AI in 2 HR Departments

A look at how three very different HR departments are already using AI, with Beth Waite, Hays.




Prompt Engineering for HR  

AI expert Marina Ashurkina provides Ten Top Prompting Hacks to help you get the most from ChatGPT and other AI tools in this enlightening session. – 2.45pm 

Digital Technology and Skills: How AI Changes the Skills Employees Need (Again) 

A recent IBM study found executives estimate that 40% of their workforce will need to reskill because of implementing AI and automation over the next three years. James Hutt and Lewis Lloyd, Consultants from Paradigm Junction will discuss the people aspect of AI: 

  • AI Re-skilling and Up-skilling to stay competitive – the latest advice 
  • Workplace competencies and AI 
  • New AI posts and ethics 


Networking and Break 


Future Trends and Emerging Technologies in HR 

Join Will Woodhouse, Director of Optimisation at Hays and gain insights into key AI technology issues.

Areas covered include :

+ Preparing for the future of AI in HR – how to choose between such tools as Bard, Copilot and ChatGPT

+ How your data strategy will drive your decision making inside and outside the HR department

+ The significance of operating HR chatbots “on” and “off prem”

+ Dealing with AI matters outside the HR department that you still need to know about

+ Learning to date from Hay’s AI roll out strategy.


3.45pm – 4.15pm 


Audience Panel – Take aways 

Listen to what our invited HR guests who attended today share their take aways and action points. 



  • Aaron Windrum
    Aaron Windrum HR Director

    Aaron is an accomplished HR Director who as a Manager at 16 realised first-hand the importance of HR in business which led to him returning to education and pursuing a career in HR. His strategic leadership has driven positive change in diverse workplaces, fostering inclusive cultures and maximising employee potential.

  • Barry Phillips
    Barry Phillips Chairman
    Legal Island

    Barry Phillips (CEO) BEM founded Legal Island in 1998. Since then, the company has become the leading workplace compliance training company on the island of Ireland. 

    Barry curated and chaired the first-ever AI for HR online event in September 2023. Since then, he has organised numerous webinars and workshops for HR on AI topics. He also presents a weekly podcast summarising important developments in AI for those in HR.

    Barry is an author, qualified coach and meditator and a regular speaker both here and abroad. His Tedx Talk features his contrarian view that it’s time to ditch open-door policies in the workplace.

    Barry has worked at the European Parliament, the European Court of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation in Geneva before qualifying as a lawyer in 1993.

    He has travelled extensively and lived in a total of eight different countries considering himself to be a global citizen first, a European second and British/Irish citizen last of all.

    He lists Russian language and wild camping as his favourite pastimes.

  • Beth Waite
    Beth Waite Head of HR & DEI Lead

    Beth Waite is the Head of HR Shared Services and DEI Lead at Hays. She is experienced across various HR specialisms but for the last 3 years has been  responsible for all transactional HR, policy & and leads on DEI initiatives internally. Our focus is to maximizing the use of available technology for effective and efficient processing so as to make the most of the expertise in the teams. She plays a key role in shaping policy and initiatives that make Hays an inclusive place to work. Outside of work, Beth is a keen runner and enjoys spending time with her dog. 

  • David O'Sullivan
    David O'Sullivan Senior Manager

    David is a Senior Manager in the Privacy and Data team at Mazars Consulting, he is leading the consulting division's approach to AI.

     He has nearly a decade of experience working in data and compliance across multiple sectors and industries, leading engagements with SME and enterprise organisations including multi-jurisdictional projects.  His areas of focus include compliance, governance, risk management and change.  David covers a range of different legislations in his role including the upcoming AI Act, DSA, DMA, GDPR and ePrivacy.

    David is a certified DPO with Compliance Institute, holds Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) and AI Governance Professional certificates and is currently pursuing a professional certificate in Advanced AI.

  • James Hutt
    James Hutt Consultant
    Paradigm Junction

    James is a consultant at Paradigm Junction, a company dedicated to helping organisations respond to transformative digital change. James has experience in technical communications, sales, operational strategy, and understanding users' needs. James completed his education at Cambridge and then Harvard.

  • Kieran Gilmurray
    Kieran Gilmurray Digital Transformation Expert
    Kieran Gilmurray

    Kieran Gilmurray is the author of the book “The A-Z of Organizational Digital Transformation.” He is regularly ranked as one of the top global experts Automation, Data Analytics, Brand Influencers and Business Technology Innovators.

    Kieran is a senior executive with 28+ years of experience leading digital transformations for businesses. He has been a director, board member, research fellow and advisor to multiple international companies.

  • Lewis Lloyd
    Lewis Lloyd Consultant
    Paradigm Junction

    Lewis is a consultant at Paradigm Junction, a company focused on helping organisations navigate the change brought about by fast-moving emerging technologies. He specialises in research and advisory work that uses futures and foresight methods to develop robust responses to uncertainty across sectors. Lewis completed his education at Cambridge and the University of Sussex.

  • Linda Hynes
    Linda Hynes Partner
    Lewis Silkin

    Linda is a Partner in the Employment, Immigration and Reward division based in Lewis Silkin's Dublin office. She is qualified to practice in Ireland, England & Wales. Linda is also the current chair of the Employment Law Association of Ireland and has an in-house employment counsel background. 

    Linda advises on all aspects of the employment law relationship from recruitment to termination and everything in between. Linda also advises multinationals and employers on changes to terms and conditions, unfair dismissals, payment of wages claims, restructuring and transfer of undertakings. Linda is also a workplace data protection expert and advises employers on all aspect of processing employee personal data to include advice on subject access requests, employee monitoring, privacy notices, retention and data protection complaints. 

  • Marina Ashurkina
    Marina Ashurkina AI Expert

    Marina is an expert in AI with a passion for creating conversational AI interfaces using both traditional intent-based approaches and the latest cutting-edge technologies, such as large language models (LLMs). Currently, she is working at a deep tech startup, experimenting and mixing things up to create truly intelligent conversational agents.

    She is an experienced project management professional and trained business analyst.

  • Ruth McVeigh
    Ruth McVeigh Lead People Partner

    Ruth McVeigh is a Lead People Partner for Kainos, working to design, implement and drive the success of people strategies that align with business objectives and values.  

    Before Kainos, Ruth held a number of HR business partnering roles across legal, retail and customer service industries. With a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and Level 7 CIPD in Employment Law, Ruth has successfully led several initiatives to improve the employee experience and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration at Kainos. 

    She is passionate about creating a positive and supportive work environment in which colleagues can innovate and advance technologies which have a societal impact. 

  • Dr. Stephanie Dossou
    Dr. Stephanie Dossou Director of Artificial Intelligence and Innovation

    Dr. Stephanie Dossou is the Director of Artificial Intelligence and Innovation in Mazars Ireland and leads the AI strategy and development agenda for Mazars. She manages a significant number of AI assignments including algorithmic and sociotechnical auditing grounded in ethical and responsible AI as well as regulatory compliance and compliance to new legislations such as the Digital Services Act (DSA), Digital Markets Act (DMA), and EU AI Act.

    Stephanie has over twenty years of experience in AI and data science, cybersecurity, technology audit and risk advisory in Ireland, Canada and France. She holds a PhD in Computer Science (AI and Blockchain) from Trinity College Dublin (TCD), a Postgraduate in Intelligent Systems from De Monfort University (Leicester, UK), and a Master's Degree in Accountancy and Finance (France).


  • Will Woodhouse
    Will Woodhouse Director of Optimisation

    Will's role is centred around tackling the complexities of problem-solving, spearheading innovation, and overseeing change management. His keen insight and unwavering commitment to AI technology enable him to develop, integrate, and manage pioneering AI solutions at Hays. Driven by a passion for discovering emerging AI technologies, Will leads forward-thinking strategies that promote technological progress and corporate achievement. His efforts have earned him a prestigious spot where he can both impart his knowledge and gain from other industry luminaries on platforms such as this. At Hays, he is an integral member of a vibrant team dedicated to unlocking the boundless possibilities of AI.

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06 March 2024




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