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Responding to and Managing Bullying and Harassment Complaints

Responding to and Managing Bullying and Harassment Complaints

A current “hot topic” of concern in the workplace are complaints and allegations of bullying, harassment, ‘toxic’ work environments. 

  • What is meant by this word “bullying” so easily bandied about?
  • What is harassment – how many types of harassment are there nowadays?
  • What should organisations do proactively to reduce the potential of bullying and harassment occurring?
  • And then should a complaint be made, what are the particular considerations in managing the investigation and decision-making processes?
  • How can the working relationships be functional and effective going forward post a complaint process?

At the conclusion of this workshop, the participant will have:

  • Examined and identified the various forms of harassment and bullying likely to occur in current workplaces and in working relationships
  • Identified preventative and interventative procedures and processes to be applied in the workplace, as well as considering organisational culture and practices which enable dignity at work and good relations.
  • Explored and examined particular investigative considerations in terms of the investigation methodology, plan an activity, including range of evidence to be collected and assessed to determine whether or not bullying and/or harassment has more or less likely occurred
  • Explored potential resolution and restorative procedures and processes post the management of a bullying and/or harassment complaint.

When and Where?
9:30am - 4:30pm on Wednesday 3rd April 2019
Hilton Hotel, Belfast

Early Bird Rate: £295+VAT (Deadline Friday 1st March 2019)
Standard Rate: £345+VAT
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9:30am - 4:30pm


03 April 2019


Hilton Hotel, Belfast


Early Bird Rate: £295+VAT (deadline Friday 1st March 2019)
Standard Rate: £345+VAT