Productivity in a Blended/Hybrid Working Environment

Productivity in a Blended/Hybrid Working Environment

One of the more positive outcomes of the Covid-19 pandemic was the opportunity it provided for employers and employees to experiment with remote working.  As a result, many employers now provide a mixed work model for their employees which can be a combination of remote working from home or a designated hub and working from the office.  Blended working is all about blending where, when and how employees work so the workforce can perform to its full potential and the business can remain as proactive (not just reactive) as possible. Whether it’s agile, flexible, hybrid or blended, these modern modes of working can benefit your business and your employees with the right environment in which to thrive and act as a strategic recruitment and retention tool.  However, a key concern for employers is how to achieve maximum productivity from this working arrangement.  

Our expert trainer, Michelle Halloran, Principal Consultant at MH Human Resource Management Services, has spent many years working with HR departments in leading companies and public sector bodies helping them upskill and to adopt the very latest practices and procedures.  In this essential workshop, Michelle outlines how employers can maximise employee productivity by careful planning and management of blended/hybrid working arrangements. In doing so, Michelle addresses a number of key questions including: 

  • What is blended/hybrid working?
  • How do we determine what roles are suitable for blended/hybrid working?
  • What is productivity?
  • How do you measure productivity?
  • How do we determine the right kind of work to do in the right location?
  • What factors can influence productivity and what can we do about them?
  • How important is the probationary period in achieving high levels of productivity?
  • How can the working day be remodelled to improve productivity?
  • Dealing with poor productivity – informal and formal processes


Who is this event for? 

This event is ideal for line managers, HR professionals and anyone who manages a remote or blended/hybrid working team.

When and Where?

The event will be held over 2 half days Tuesday 21 & Wednesday 22 March 2023 online via the Hopin Platform.




Event details


2 Half Days; 21 March & 22 March


21 March 2023


Online - Hopin