Post Graduate Certificate in NI Employment Law and Practice 2024/25

Post Graduate Certificate in NI Employment Law and Practice 2024/25

Would you like to get a recognised, accredited qualification in Northern Ireland employment law from the comfort of your own home/office, wherever you are based?

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The importance of the employment relationship between employers, employees, unions and other statutory bodies and agencies is such that a thorough knowledge of both the context and the substantive law is necessary for those involved in this area in any capacity.

This programme attempts to provide the basis for this knowledge and to put students in the position where they may not only have an understanding of the law both conceptually and substantively, but also be in a position to use that knowledge in the solution of problems.

Designed to fit around busy working lives, the course includes 24 employment law and compliance lectures from the cream of Northern Ireland’s employment law expert practitioners and 12 afternoon sessions on ADR and employment tribunal procedures, including role-play exercises with Labour Relations Agency staff, and sessions on Judicial Mediation and tribunal procedures, including advice from the ECNI, the Ulster University Law Clinic and others, about what other employment advice services are out there.  All live sessions take place on Tuesday afternoons, with the majority of sessions taking place online. Students will have the opportunity to engage in a simulated Case Management Preliminary Hearing before a Tribunal Judge to wrap up Semester 1. 

Students will also be able to watch recordings of all sessions and presentations after they are broadcast, so there's no reason to miss out on any aspects of the course. 

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The course will cover the following 4 topics, click here to see a sample weekly planner.

Employment Compliance and Development

Whether you are a lawyer, human resources professional, personnel or industrial relations officer, this module will develop a range of skills which will enable all students to remain fully abreast of the latest legislative and case law developments in employment compliance. It will ensure that all students acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of how employment compliance issues operate in practice. Students will learn how to respond to complex practical, legal and ethical problems and be encouraged to critically analyse the law and important legal issues they face in practice.

Employment Law

The importance of the relationship between employers, employees, unions and other statutory bodies and agencies is such that a thorough knowledge of both the context and the substantive law is necessary for those involved in this area. The module will provide the basis for this knowledge and will put students in the position where they may not only understand the law, both conceptually and substantively, but also be confident in the use of that knowledge to resolve problems.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Methods of ADR are increasingly being used within the legal system and advocated as a means of removing cases from overburdened courts. In appropriate cases they can provide an alternative to legal adjudication and can be used as a means of achieving satisfactory solutions to disputes. The purpose of this module is to introduce students to the processes of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and its relationship to law. The course will cover processes such as arbitration, mediation and conciliation and will provide students with a foundational knowledge of ADR which can then be developed in their professional practice. The module will comprise both theoretical and skills-based elements. Students will consider the rationale and ethics of ADR before being introduced to some of the practical skills used in these processes. The study and practice of ADR will be undertaken in the context of a range of legal subject areas, including commercial law, family law and employment law.

Tribunal Representation

This module will, through a combination of lectures and practical exercises, enable trainees to further develop their own professional practice in employment and social security matters. The module will develop a student's ability to apply and further develop the knowledge and practical skills gained in prior and concurrent modules. The module will encourage discussion of rationales and consequences of each available course of action in a given scenario, and students will be encouraged to critique solutions to any issues identified as arising from their choice(s). It is anticipated that students will examine the impact of the rules and procedures involved and their tactical application in practice with a view to developing their own individual work practice.



“The PGCert in Northern Ireland Employment Law & Practice at Ulster University is a well-structured, practical course for anyone with remit in employment law and third-party preparedness in their organisation. In my role I hold responsibility for employment law matters in both ROI and Northern Ireland; having never held responsibility in the latter jurisdiction before, it was important for me to find the best educational experience to ensure I could support this key region competently and confidently. This course has been key in doing that; particularly in understanding the nuances of the NI third-party service; specifically, the Industrial Tribunal, and ADR options to avoid ultimate litigation at this forum where it can be avoided. It is a hugely worthwhile course for which I would not hesitate to endorse.”
Scott Jevons, Employee Relations Manager, LIDL Ireland and LIDL Northern Ireland

"I would highly recommend the PG certificate in employment law and practice to anyone who would like to further their career in employment law. The course is taught by leading practitioners who are experts in their field. It really was an invaluable opportunity to learn from the best. I welcomed the opportunity to ask questions of them and they were extremely generous with their time meaning that we the students took away so much. The practical learning such as the mock tribunal was a particularly useful and unique opportunity which was chaired by none other than the President of the Tribunal herself. The resources provided by the UU, the LRA and Legal Island were outstanding. The tutor was so welcoming and approachable to everyone from day one, despite our varied backgrounds and levels of experience. This made learning very relaxed and enjoyable.

Since taking the course I have taken great strides in my career and have even found myself on the "red dot" of Ted X Stormont giving a talk. The skills and confidence that this course has given me have been an asset. I have no doubt that the PG certificate was an essential building block on my career journey and am very glad I took the course."
Laura Banks, Solicitor at Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission

"A solid foundational course exploring all aspects of the topic in a practical fashion, with real life examples and application."
Derek Weir, Head of Legal Services and Employee Relations, Queen's University Belfast

"An outstanding course in every aspect, taught by a wealth of subject matter experts in every field of employment law."
Michelle Connolly, Student, Ulster University (2019 QUB Graduate).

"The information has been very practical. From day one I have been able to put the learnings from the lectures into my working life. Great for linking and networking with other professionals and has provided me with a great grasp of Northern Ireland employment law."
Jillian Miskelly, People Partner NI, Depaul

"An excellent course – a must for any HR Professional. Comprehensive cover of all key employment law matters."
Joanne Doherty, People Partner, Ulster University

"This course builds my confidence when I make decisions in my role. I feel like the course has given me the tools to know the right response or at least I know where to look for the answer. I have also felt creatively inspired throughout this course – thank you!"
Maya Leonard, Senior Manager, People Solutions, Concentrix

"Very useful, practical course for any HR professional trying to navigate Northern Irish employment law. Highly recommend."
Kathryn McKinney, HR Officer, WD Meats

"This is easily the most comprehensive, pragmatic and worthwhile course currently on offer.  It brings together the 'best of the best' practitioners in the jurisdiction and affords students an unparalleled opportunity to blend academic excellence with commercial experience and application.  We are and have been delighted to support this initiative."

Gareth Walls, Partner, A&L Goodbody (Guest lecturer)

“This course is a truly unique post graduate course with a focus on skills and capacity building finely balanced with applied learning, real life context and expert practitioner input. This inspired blend makes for a learning experience like no other currently offered, it is truly a tailored added value product that everyone has been crying out for.”
Mark McAllister, Senior Employment Relations Officer, Labour Relations Agency (Guest lecturer)

“Very practical course that ensures it can be used day today. Builds confidence in the application of legislation.”

Marie Matthewson, Head of HR, CCEA

“As a HR professional this course was a fantastic source of support and information. Definitely recommend.”

Noeleen Farnan, Owner, Business Primis


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36 Lectures


24 September 2024




£4,900 (register through Ulster University)

Full Time Course

Part Time Course