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Out of Office: Absence Management in the Public Sector

Out of Office: Absence Management in the Public Sector

This event is in association with Worthingtons Solicitors.

The purpose of this event is to provide you with expert legal knowledge and practical advice on how to effectively manage absence in your public sector organisation. The event aims to:

  • Provide you with an update on the legal framework surrounding sickness absence management in the public sector, including a case law round up of pertinent cases which will influence your organisation’s sickness management processes.
  • Address the difficulties evident within the public sector in relation to managing different types of absence
  • Reveal and help rectify common mistakes made by HR practitioners in handling complex sickness absence issues. You will receive expert advice on how HR practitioners should handle long term sickness absence, recurrent short periods of absence and absence caused by mental health problems.
  • Advise you on how HR and line managers should interact with medical experts in order to achieve the best possible outcome when handling an OH referral.
  • Help to seamlessly use early intervention and prevention to make a difference to people’s lives whilst producing a return on investment for the organisation.
  • Advise you on how HR should interact with medical experts in order to achieve the best possible outcome in managing sickness absence issues.
  • Provide definitive explanations and answers to complex questions surrounding the calculation of holiday pay in relation to sickness absence and other forms of absence.

Why is this event important for you?

Recent figures on absenteeism published by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) reveal that sickness absence figures in areas of the public sector in Northern Ireland are more than double the UK-wide average and the rate has increased by more than 5% over the last year. The main causes of sickness absence appear to be anxiety, stress, depression and other psychiatric illnesses. With this in mind, it is clear that those involved in absence management and HR strategy within public sector bodies will benefit from the knowledge and advice provided by our experts at this event.

This event is a must for any organisation looking to improve ways in which absence is managed in your organisation with a view to actively reducing absence levels.

Course overview/outline programme:

  • Absence Trends in the Public Sector
  • A ‘Case Law Round Up’ reviewing key absence-related cases
  • A ‘Practical Guide to Dealing With Stress-Related Absence’
  • How to get the most from an OH referral
  • Use early intervention and prevention to make a difference to people’s lives
  • Guidelines on Working Time Regulations in relation to absence management
  • A practical guide to dealing with stress-related absence

More value from this event
Your pack will include detailed and comprehensive notes to take away after the event.

This event is brought to you by Legal Island in association with Worthingtons Solicitors who will provide a free 30-minute legal consultation 

Who should attend?
This event is for HR professionals who are responsible for employment law matters or who are involved in developing absence management strategy within their organisation.

Where and When?
9.20am-4.30pm on Wednesday 15th May 2019
The Merchant Hotel, Belfast

Standard Rate: £495+VAT

Charity/SME* Rate: £445+VAT

Save an additional £20 if you pay online when booking.

In association with:

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*All organisations with fewer than 50 employees or charities qualify for our Charity/Small company rate. The number of employees includes all branches, subsidiary/parent companies, boards, trusts and federated organisations.

Event details


9:20am - 4:30pm


15 May 2019


Merchant Hotel, Belfast


Standard Rate: £495+VAT

Charity/SME Rate: £445+VAT

Save £20 if you pay online when booking!