Mock Adjudication Hearing

Mock Adjudication Hearing

This event is brought to you by Legal Island in association with Leman Solicitors.

The WRC can be a frightening place for the uninitiated. Participants who fail to prepare must be prepared to fail. This workshop is a realistic mock adjudication hearing, designed with respondents, claimants and other witnesses inexperienced in WRC procedures in mind.

What are the learning outcomes?
You will gain confidence by observing a mock adjudication, chaired by experienced WRC adjudication officer, Dr Gerry McMahon. The sessions will also prepare you for attendance at the WRC by studying ‘real’ complaint and response forms and background documentation, with the support of our legal experts.

Bláthnaid Evans, Head of the Employment Department at Leman Solicitors will lead today’s event by giving you tips on how to prepare for a WRC hearing and taking you through the case study, which the mock adjudication hearing will be based on.Lauren Tennyson BL and Owen Keany BL will lead a team of junior barristers Jane Murphy BL and Katherine McVeigh BL playing various roles during the hearing, take you through a ‘real life’ case, and offer guidance to delegates throughout the day.

What will be covered?
Preparation and attendance at a mock adjudication from start to finish.

What will I learn?

  • Procedural guidance when initiating a complaint –
  • How to carefully complete and respond to a WRC complaint form
  • The necessary time limits under the Workplace Relations Act 2015 for referring a case to the WRC and when an extension may be granted
  • What happens when a case is referred to the WRC
  • Whether mediation is a feasible option in order to encourage and facilitate both parties to resolve issues as an alternative to a formal hearing
  • How to draft a statement when the onus of proof rests on the employer
  • What information and documentation is required
  • The hearing and decision – What to expect on the day, understanding likely awards, structure of the hearing and when adjournment of a hearing may be granted.
  • Delegates will be asked to participate in the hearing by raising questions or offering their views. The parts of the participants will be played by junior barristers and presided over by WRC adjudicator Gerry McMahon.
  • Appeals and enforcement –A brief account of how and when a party can appeal a decision

Who should attend?
This is an ideal course for respondents, claimants and other witnesses who wish to experience a realistic adjudication process in a safe environment.

When and where?
12.00pm - 4.30pm on Wednesday 12th June 2019
The Gibson Hotel, Dublin

Standard rate €395

Save €20 if you pay online when booking.

In association with

Leman Solicitors

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12:00pm - 4:30pm


12 June 2019


The Gibson Hotel, Dublin


Standard rate €395

Save €20 if you pay online when booking.