Key Priorities for HR During a Cost of Living Crisis Reward, Restructuring, Retention and Resilience

Key Priorities for HR During a Cost of Living Crisis Reward, Restructuring, Retention and Resilience

Many employees remember all too clearly how their employer responded during the Covid-19 pandemic and with inflation hitting a 40-year record high and the cost of food and energy rises, employers are once again challenged to consider how they can support their workforces. For many employers, large pay rises are not an option, but what else can be done to help ensure employee wellbeing, retention, engagement and productivity remain at a positive level during these challenging times? 

In this event, we will explore some creative ways in which employers can provide support for employees to ensure that they retain their most talented staff; attract new staff and ensure employee wellbeing is maintained. 

Sessions include:

  • Which reward strategies work best in attracting and retaining staff during difficult economic times? 
  • How you can boost your employees and organisation’s financial resilience
  • The rewards from pausing relentless recruitment to focus on talent retention
  • Your people managers are key to workforce resilience – supporting your team through a crisis
  • Reflecting on restructuring – lessons Covid taught us
  • People Professionals – who is responsible for HR’s resilience during challenging times?

Who is this event for? 

This event is for employers, HR professionals, line managers and anyone who is concerned about the impact of the cost-of-living crises on their workforce.

When and Where?

The event will be held on Tuesday 28th February 2023 online via the Hopin Platform.


Standard Rate: £245
Early Bird Rate: £195 

More about our online events platform Hopin

This event will be hosted on a browser based platform named Hopin. We have provided some information below to assist you when accessing the event:

  • If you are using a Laptop. PC or Apple Mac please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers
  • The latest version of Edge may be used as long as all recent updates have been made within the last 4 weeks
  • If you are using a mobile device then Safari is recommended for IOS and Google Chrome on Android

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Event details


1 Full Day


28 February 2023


Online - Hopin


Standard Rate: £245

Early Bird Rate: £195