How AI is Transforming HR: A step-by-step guide to using AI in HR & Beyond…

How AI is Transforming HR: A step-by-step guide to using AI in HR & Beyond…

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“AI won't replace HR but it will replace those in HR who are slow to embrace AI”


According to recent research AI will impact on 80% of current jobs. It will augment many roles, eliminate some but create new ones too.

But how do you work out where to start with AI in HR? And how do you cut through all the noise, the jargon and the never ending supply of often contradictory information?

This full day online event is designed to help you understand what is probably the most important workplace development in recent decades.

It cuts through the jargon by explaining technical terms in simple language whilst taking you carefully through every stage of the employment cycle indicating where AI is relevant right now and where it may assist you in the near future. We will scrutinise closely recruitment and selection, onboarding, performance management, reward and recognition, retention and offboarding identifying where AI can assist you to radically improve your processes.

We’re confident you will leave this unique event with a clear indication of where to begin your journey optimizing AI in your HR function and beyond. You’ll also benefit from countless practical tips on how to get the best from tools such as ChatGPT whilst keeping company data safe and secure.

It’s a unique, trailblazing, not-to-be missed event unlike anything currently available online.

Event Outcomes?

After Attending this Event you will have a full understanding of:

  • The terminology and language of AI including AI, AGI, Chatbots & LLMs
  • How to help bring AI into your organisation
  • The relevance of AI to every stage of the employment cycle
  • The impact AI is likely to have on existing roles and how it will create new ones
  • How you and your colleagues can harness the power of ChatGPT and other AI tools to slash admin time
  • How to use ChatGPT and AI tools effectively whilst keeping company data secure
  • How to use AI to analyse and understand better the talent you already have
  • How to use AI to improve task allocation
  • How to reduce /eliminate the biases in many early forms of AI
  • What your HR contemporaries took from the event and plan to action as a result of attending


Standard price: £145

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9.15am - 10am

Cutting through the AI jargon jungle: A complete guide to understanding AI and how best to bring all it has to offer to your HR team & beyond.

This introductory session begins with a guide for the layperson to understanding what is AI and AGI and why its so important for the modern workforce. It asks what is an LLM, a plug-in, a chatbot and why is ChatGPT4 so significant.

The session explains which job roles are likely to be augmented by AI and how, and which will be completely transformed. It notes that some roles will disappear eventually and others will begin to emerge.

A unique – not to be missed session. Barry Phillips, Chairman Legal Island

10am Break and Networking

10.15am - 11am

Revolutionising HR: How AI can optimise every stage of the employment cycle

In this comprehensive trailblazing session, we examine the relevance of AI in transforming every core stage of the employment cycle. We put recruitment, onboarding, performance management, reward and recognition, promotion, retention and offboarding under the microscope and identify where AI can drive efficiencies.

It’s better than you could ever have imagined and easier too! 

Kieran Gilmurray, Digital Transformation Expert


 11am Break and Networking


Short Burst Session

Me, Myself & AI

Cometh the hour, cometh the HR profession! Hear from one leading career evangelist why AI is probably HR’s best opportunity to secure permanently its place around the boardroom table and enhance the status of the profession like never before.

Yvonne Smyth, Director at Hays


11.30am - 12noon

Unleashing the power of HR chatbots: A step-by-step guide for success

Are you tired of drowning in an overflowing inbox? Join us in this practical session where we demystify the process of implementing your very first HR chatbot. Discover how this powerful tool can revolutionize your HR operations by efficiently fielding initial HR queries as well as providing personalized assistance to each employee.

We take a close look at a leading HR AI tool to understand the power of automating so many HR processes.

Don't miss this opportunity to embrace the future of HR and alleviate the inbox burden, enabling you to focus on strategic initiatives and enhance employee experiences.

Cosmina Nicolau and James Bradley, Druid AI Platform

 12.00 Noon. Break and Networking


Short Burst Session

How AI is upskilling scammers – New threats to defend against

Now for the bad news…AI will help raise the game of scammers too.

This short burst session will take a look at the new tricks every employer will have to defend against and shows you how.

Michelle Simpson, Vertical Structure


12.30pm - 1pm

Redefining talent acquisition: Unleashing the potential of AI in recruitment & selection

In this session you will uncover the potential benefits, challenges, and ethical considerations associated with AI in recruitment.

Gain insights into how AI can effectively equality-proof job adverts and descriptions, analyze CVs and cover letters, facilitate chatbot screening, and leverage algorithms to predict performance. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and unlock the full potential of AI in shaping the future of talent acquisition in your organization.

Martyn Redstone, PPLBOTS

 1pm Lunch


Working Lunch

There’s no such thing as a free lunch don’t they say? Join us at 1.30p.m. to listen to our specially invited HR practitioners who attended the morning sessions to learn what they are taking away and plan to do next.

Panel : Linda McMillan Chief People Officer, Fibrus; Harry Corry, Harry Corry Interiors


Short Burst Session

AI & D&I – Short term concerns, long term promise

This session examines how we can combat bias that inevitably arises in AI trained on information produced mainly by white, privileged males.

It notes that self learning AI however at some stage soon will be able to eliminate these biases to a degree that humans could never match.

Raafi-Karim Alidina, Consulting EDI Manager, Included


2.15pm - 2.45pm

Want to slash your own admin in half?

This session looks at how clever use of ChatGPT and other AI tools can help you ditch the paperwork and do what you joined HR to do : develop talent and maximise the potential of every employee in your organisation.

It will demonstrate how to prompt ChatGPT like an expert whilst using it safely by keeping company information secure and confidential. It will explain how to get the best from plug-ins as well as understand the many (and in some cases better) alternatives to ChatGPT.

The session also shares the top five best AI tools for HR so far this year.

Goda Go, ChatGPT Engineer & Specialist

2.45pm – Break and Networking

3pm - 3.30pm

Performance Management - Talkin' about a revolution going on…

In this session you’ll understand how to leverage AI in performance management enabling data-driven decisions, predictive analytics, real-time feedback, streamlined task management, and personalised learning.

It will show you how to embrace AI to enrich insights, create unprecedented transparency, proactively tackle performance issues, enhance communication, free-up time for strategic thinking, improve task allocation and foster continuous employee development.

This session will use real world examples to make this topic tangible and demonstrate how technology challenges the convention of how HR processes are designed.

Tuomas Syrjänen,


3.30pm - 4pm

Audience Panel – Take aways
Listen to what our invited HR guests who attended every afternoon session share their take aways and action points.



  • Barry Phillips
    Barry Phillips Chairman
    Legal Island

    Barry Phillips (CEO) BEM founded Legal Island in 1998. Since then, the company has become the leading workplace compliance training company on the island of Ireland. 

    Barry curated and chaired the first-ever AI for HR online event in September 2023. Since then, he has organised numerous webinars and workshops for HR on AI topics. He also presents a weekly podcast summarising important developments in AI for those in HR.

    Barry is an author, qualified coach and meditator and a regular speaker both here and abroad. His Tedx Talk features his contrarian view that it’s time to ditch open-door policies in the workplace.

    Barry has worked at the European Parliament, the European Court of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation in Geneva before qualifying as a lawyer in 1993.

    He has travelled extensively and lived in a total of eight different countries considering himself to be a global citizen first, a European second and British/Irish citizen last of all.

    He lists Russian language and wild camping as his favourite pastimes.

  • Cosmina Nicolau
    Cosmina Nicolau Head of People & Culture

    With over 20 years of experience in leading transformative HR projects in enterprise organizations, including digital transformation with RPA and AI chatbots, Cosmina innovated the role of HR in Carrefour, managed crisis communication, fostered organizational agility, and built the company’s internal communication from the ground up.

  • Goda Go
    Goda Go ChatGPT Engineer & Specialist

    Goda Go describes herself as being curious about the intersection between creativity and technology. On her YouTube channel, she talks about tools, and ideas that creators can use to thrive. She is teaching and curating innovative AI solutions.

  • James Bradley
    James Bradley

    With over 25 years of experience in data, analytics and automation, James has been helping organisations, around the world, start and evolve their digital transformation programs. From process mining and mapping through to AI driven conversation and process automation, James has a deep experience in technologies that drive productivity and operational excellence across all industry sectors and business functions.

  • Kieran Gilmurray
    Kieran Gilmurray Digital Transformation Expert
    Kieran Gilmurray

    Kieran Gilmurray is the author of the book “The A-Z of Organizational Digital Transformation.” He is regularly ranked as one of the top global experts Automation, Data Analytics, Brand Influencers and Business Technology Innovators.

    Kieran is a senior executive with 28+ years of experience leading digital transformations for businesses. He has been a director, board member, research fellow and advisor to multiple international companies.

  • Martyn Redstone
    Martyn Redstone

    Martyn is a Conversational & Generative AI evangelism, education and careers specialist. Founder of PPLBOTS, Martyn brings 18 years of recruitment industry experience, with the last 7 years dedicated to the exploration of automation and AI in recruitment. 

  • Michelle Simpson
    Michelle Simpson Head of Pen Testing
    Vertical Structure

    Michelle is accredited with a Master’s in security, is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and most recently became Cyber Scheme Team Leader.

    Michelle heads up our pen testing service offering at Vertical Structure since joining in May 2023. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the IT Security industry having previously worked as a consultant for EY and NCC Group. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from working with a range of clients across a variety of sectors helping them to improve their security posture.

    Heavily invested in the security community, Michelle has co-founded both the OWASP Belfast chapter and the BSides Belfast conference for which she currently sits on the board. She is also passionate about inspiring people into the field and works with the NI Cyber First Skills group, Cyber First and NI Cyber.


  • Raafi-Karim Alidina
    Raafi-Karim Alidina Consulting Manager, Data & Product Lead and Co-author

    Raafi is Consulting Manager, Data & Product Lead at Included and co-author with Stephen Frost of Building an Inclusive Organization. He is also a contributing author to The Key to Inclusion (July 2022).

    His recent client work has encompassed engaging the leadership of several FTSE100 and Fortune500 companies. He has run successful anti-racism programmes and training that goes beyond the “what” and “why” and provides tools for how to mitigate these biases in the workplace.

    Raafi has a Bachelor’s degree and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University, and served as a Research Fellow at the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School. His articles and work on D&I have been featured in newspapers, magazines, podcasts, and radio and television programs across North America, Europe, and Africa.

  • Tuomas Syrjänen
    Tuomas Syrjänen Co-Founder

    Tuomas is a co-founder, former CEO of Futurice and is now heading Futurice's data & AI powered knowledge work transformation program that is transforming how Futurice and Futurice's clients operate. He also helped shape Futurice’s non hierarchical culture of trust, transparency, freedom and responsibility resulting in Best Place to Work in Europe award ‘12 & ‘13.

  • Yvonne Smyth
    Yvonne Smyth Director

    Yvonne is the recruiting expert and Group Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Hays. She leads Hays' commitment to the active promotion and practical realisation of opportunities for individuals and organisations practically based on the principles of diversity, equity & inclusion.

    She leads their teams of HR, Legal and Company Secretarial recruiting experts across the UK&I. Hays consultants provide expert permanent, and temporary recruitment and career advice and solutions consultants.

    She also leads the development and delivery of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion practice at Hays working with colleagues and customers towards a shared goal of creating more diverse workforces and more inclusive workplaces.

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Full day: 9.15am - 4pm


21 September 2023




Standard price: £145