Forthcoming HR & Employment Law Webinars

Forthcoming HR & Employment Law Webinars

Legal-Island has a number of free employment law and HR webinars planned throughout 2018, in association with the National College of Ireland.

Registration is free, and the list of upcoming webinars (along with links to the registration page) is below.

Please note that all webinar recordings (with accompanying transcriptions) are available in our Webinar Recordings section.

Lyons to the Max: How has the WRC Interpreted Lyons v Longford Westmeath ETB?

11:00am - 11:30am on Friday 21st September 2018

The 2017 High Court decision of Lyons v Longford Westmeath ETB was somewhat of a controversial decision in the employment sphere. The judgment of Justice Eager raised serious questions for both employers and employees as to the scope of disciplinary investigations and the role of lawyers therein.

In January 2018 Mr Pat Breen, T.D., Minister of State for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection asked the WRC and the Health and Safety Authority to undertake a review of their Codes of Practice on Bullying in the Workplace. The WRC Code dates from 2002 and the HSA Code has been in place since 2007. The Minister’s initiative comes about as a result of evolving case law in this area. Presumably we can expect the new Codes to reflect the ruling in Lyons v Longford Westmeath ETB and subsequent cases in relation to the right to legal representation and to cross-examine witnesses.

In this webinar Bláthnaid Evans, Head of Employment at Leman Solicitors, describes her recent experiences with clients following the Lyons decision and how employers and WRC adjudicators have interpreted and implemented the decision.

Bláthnaid talks about how the WRC and Labour Court have approached cases that test the Lyons principle and offers insight into how the decision has been applied in practice. Bláthnaid offers her expert opinion on the ramifications of the case, how adjudicators have interpreted and applied the decision, and whether subsequent cases or indeed employers are deviating from it.

Questions addressed in this webinar include:

  • May employees lawfully cross-examine colleagues in internal investigations?
  • When do employees have the right to legal representation in internal investigations?
  • What if the investigation is limited to a fact-gathering exercise?
  • Is the situation different when the investigation creates binding findings and the allegations could result in dismissal or damage to reputation?

... and many more.

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Probation Periods

11:00am - 11:30am on Friday 19th October 2018

The aim of the webinars will be to bring you some takeaway advice and tips on the HR topics that you want to hear about. For the next topic in our series we are going to discuss Probation Periods, we get a lot of questions in this area so we will look at some of these in this 30 minute webinar. Caroline McEnery, Managing Director of The HR Suite and HR and Employment Law Expert, will be discussing the practicalities of using probation periods and will provide some takeaway tips and advice on how to handle issues that may arise with employees during this period. Caroline is a member on the Low Pay Commission and is also an adjudicator in the Work Place Relations Commission.

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