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Forthcoming HR and Employment Law Webinars

Forthcoming HR and Employment Law Webinars

Legal-Island has a number of free employment law webinars planned throughout 2018. Our monthly 'Employment Law at 11' webinars with Seamus McGranaghan of O'Reilly Stewart will be supplemented by various other webinars throughout the year.

Registration is free, and the list of upcoming webinars (along with links to the registration page) is below.

Please note that all webinar recordings (with accompanying transcriptions) are available in our Webinar Recordings section.

Employment Law at 11

Friday 11th January 2019 (11:00am - 11:45am)

Join Scott Alexander and Seamus McGranaghan and up to 500 participants as they discuss your employment law queries live in our new series, “Employment Law at 11”. 

Tell your HR colleagues and register individually or get your HR team around the computer whilst and use the webinars as monthly group learning opportunities. Ask any questions (on employment law) and hear the answers live or catch up later when we upload both a recording and transcript of the discussion. 

Remember – send questions in live during the webinars or drop a line in advance to scott@legal-island.com. Anonymity assured.

Register Now: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4223799602246898955

Employment Law Revision Day with Mark McAllister

11:00 - 11:45 on Tuesday 22nd January 2019

It’s so simple – Mark McAllister from the Labour Relations Agency and Scott Alexander from Legal Island will be discussing the top 10 employment cases of the year, including any updates since our November conferences. Listen in live and send in any questions live via the chat box.

Each case discussion will cover:

  • A short discussion on the facts and background in the case
  • A short discussion on the decision and why it’s important to you
  • Recommended actions as a result of the decision

We’ll also answer your live questions.

Join us on 22nd January to listen and take part in discussions. Focus on practical solutions to real problems. And get ready to take action in 2019.

Register Now: Registration link coming soon!

Check out previous discussions: 

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31 December 2019


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