Forthcoming HR and Employment Law Webinars

Forthcoming HR and Employment Law Webinars

Our monthly 'Employment Law at 11' webinars with Seamus McGranaghan from O'Reilly Stewart Solicitors will be supplemented by various other webinars throughout the year.

Registration is free, and the list of upcoming webinars (along with links to the registration page) is below.

Please note that all webinar recordings (with accompanying transcriptions) are available in our Webinar Recordings section for Employment Law Hub members. 

Employment Law at 11 Webinars

ChatGPT Introductory Webinar Sessions


 Employment Law at 11: Cyber Security Special

 6th October 2023

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October is Cyber Security month!

Government statistics reveal that a staggering 39% of businesses experienced a cyber-attack last year. 74% of all data breaches can be traced back to human error. It’s not enough to rely on your IT team, HR should be front and centre in the fight to protect data and in making sure that all employees know their responsibilities.

Join Employment Law at 11 regulars Seamus McGranghan of O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors and Christine Quinn of Legal Island as they chat all things Cyber with special guest expert Keith Anderson of Vertical Structure.

Keith will discuss:
1. Best practice for your systems and protocols.
2. Lessons from the PSNI breach.
3. The biggest cyber risks to be aware of, how to avoid them with all staff training and hear how Legal Island can support you on this journey

Seamus will have all the legal angles covered including:
1. How to assess risk following an incident.
2. Ransomware: when can you pay a ransom? Should you pay a ransom?
3. The investigation, legal privilege and DSARs by both employees and ex-employees.

Sign up, bring along your questions and Christine will put them to Keith and Seamus LIVE/ send your questions in advance to Anonymity assured.

Please note that the employment law matters discussed in this webinar apply primarily to Northern Ireland.

Upcoming Employment Law at 11 (topics TBC)


ChatGPT Introductory Sessions

Tuesday 26th September (10am - 11:30am)

A free supercharged, introductory webinar for anyone wanting to get up to speed quickly in this crucial area

ChatGPT looks set to join the family of office skills such as Word and Excel that we all need to function effectively. Early adoption of this remarkable new tool can really help to supercharge levels of efficiency. In this very special introductory webinar we’ll introduce you to a fascinating new world that looks set to transform how we work forever. Areas covered include:

  • Using ChatGPT + AI whilst keeping confidential information safe and secure.
  • AI essentials – understanding what is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cutting through the jargon jungle.
  • Prompt engineering – what is it and why is it so important that everyone seems to be talking about it? How to do it well.
  • Understanding current limitations of ChatGPT and how soon they will be overcome.
  • Top five AI tools to help you do your daily tasks quicker and better every time.



"Good overview of topical issues; 45 minutes is just right time wise."
Sandra Mahood, Praxis Care

"It was real life scenarios and both hosts seemed very knowledgeable and relaxed."
Lorraine McCullough Teleperformance UK

"Quality, practical advice"
Cathy Casey, Invest NI


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30-60 minutes


02 March 2023


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