Employment Law & Practice Part- Time Postgraduate Short Course & CPD

Employment Law & Practice Part- Time Postgraduate Short Course & CPD

The Law School at Ulster University, in consultation with Legal-Island and the Labour Relations Agency, has created a short CPPD accredited course in NI Employment Law and Practice that is designed to give HR professionals and others a comprehensive introduction into the legal framework that underpins effective policies around employment relations and employment laws in Northern Ireland.

This unique course is ideal for busy professionals who need an underpinning knowledge of employment relations law.

Topics include:
• employment contracts;
• pay and working time;
• equality, diversity and discrimination law;
• how to recruit legally and fairly;
• unfair dismissal and how to avoid it;
• managing change, reorganisation and redundancy;
• TUPE transfers; and
• ADR/Mediation.

Who is it for?
• Those working in the area of employment law.
• Those interested in moving into HR practice.
• Line managers involved in HR activities.
• Business owners and managers who want to gain a robust understanding of employment law and practice.

Six top presenters, all with links to the North West and many years of experience in employment law and/or employment relations, deliver six focussed lectures/seminars over six Fridays from 28th February at Magee Campus, Ulster University. The lecturers are:
• Sean Doherty BL
• Kiera Lee, Partner, Mills Selig
• Patrick McAuley, Employment Relations Manager, Labour Relations Agency
• Dr Esther McGuinness, Senior Lecturer in Law, Ulster University
• Paul Upson, Soon-to-be Associate Director, Napier Solicitors
• Gareth Walls, Partner, A&L Goodbody

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6 weeks


28 February 2020


Ulster University Magee Campus