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Contracts for the Modern Employment Relationship

Contracts for the Modern Employment Relationship

This event, in association with Mills Selig, is a masterclass on contracts of employment. 

  • enable you to stress test your current template so you can identify which clauses in your template contract of employment need to be updated
  • arm you with ‘best in class’ clauses which you can incorporate into your template contract
  • identify where standard clauses, including restrictive covenants, need to be brought up to date with the digital world
  • show you how to build flexibility into your contracts to enable the organisation to adapt and react to a fast-changing global economy

Why is this event important for you?
In a fast-changing global work environment, where employers are faced with ever-increasing demands for flexibility from clients, contractors and employees alike, the effective management of your contracts of employment has never been more important. Failure to build the flexibility and scope into your contracts of employment to enable your business to move with the times, keep pace with competitors and adapt to economic pressures, whilst remaining compliant with employment law, will thwart growth and competitiveness.

After attending, you will receive a plethora of useful contractual clauses that can be used to build flexibility and safeguards into your employment contracts.

You will be able to use those clauses to:

  • lawfully handle contractual variation
  • minimise legal challenges when terminating a contract of employment
  • build flexibility into your employment contracts in accordance with strategic fit
  • safeguard your organisation through the inclusion of lawful and reasonable clauses in the terms and conditions of the employment contract

The event is a must for any organisation either looking to update their contracts of employment in 2018 or looking to introduce organisational change.

More value from this event
This event will also include a presentation and discussion surrounding a real-life case study based on a major change management programme which had a significant impact on the workforce and the terms and conditions under which staff operated. This session will be delivered by Damian McAlister, Director of People and Culture at  Ulster University, who will provide practical advice on how to go about implementing strategic organisational and contractual change.

Included in your pack of detailed and comprehensive notes, delegates will receive complimentary sample contractual clauses and templates for use when revising and updating your contracts of employment.

This event is brought to you by Legal-Island in association with Mills Selig who will provide a free 30-minute legal consultation to delegates who sign up for a consultation on the day.

Who should attend?
This event is for HR professionals who are responsible for employment law matters or who are involved in developing policies and HR strategy within their organisation. This event is not open to members of the legal profession.

When and Where?
9.20am - 4.30pm on Wednesday 5th June 2019
The Merchant Hotel, Belfast

Early Bird Rate: £445+VAT (deadline Friday 26th April 2019)
Standard Rate: £495+VAT

Charity/Small Company* Rate: £395+VAT (deadline Friday 26th April 2019)
Charity/Small Company* Rate: £445+VAT

Save an additional £20 if you book and pay online

In association with:

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*All organisations with fewer than 50 employees or charities qualify for our Charity/Small company rate. The number of employees includes all branches, subsidiary/parent companies, boards, trusts and federated organisations.

Early Bird Offer

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Event details


9:20am - 4:30pm


05 June 2019


The Merchant Hotel, Belfast


Early Bird Rate: £445+VAT (deadline Friday 26th April 2019)
Standard Rate: £495+VAT

Charity/Small Company* Rate: £395+VAT (deadline Friday 26th April 2019)
Charity/Small Company* Rate: £445+VAT

Save an additional £20 if you book and pay online