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Education Law Update 2019

Education Law Update 2019

It is generally agreed that the teaching profession is becoming a more difficult job year on year. Problems with the behaviour of pupils, rising expectations of parents and increased class sizes and budget cuts have all combined to often produce a marked deterioration in a Principal’s working life experience.

By attending this event you will receive expert guidance from legal practitioners, an experienced mediator and the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman on pertinent issues currently facing the education sector.

Why is this event important for YOU?

Our experts have created a learning experience, with appropriate group exercises, templates and case studies, covering four difficult issues we believe almost all school leaders face:

  1. Grievances and actions to frustrate the process;
  2. Stress, Grievances and Alternatives;
  3. Alcohol problems; and
  4. Parental complaints.

NOTE: A plenary panel discussion on investigation standards – a perennial thorn for school leaders and a theme throughout all of the presentations – will close the day’s proceedings.

Grievance procedures for teaching and non-teaching staff are extremely complex. It is increasingly common for employees to use health and safety issues or child protection allegations to frustrate investigations. Many employees are now claiming victimisation under whistleblowing legislation. This event will equip you with essential information on how to deal with grievances and the ‘whistleblowing shield’.

Workloads and stress are everyday complaints in the education sector. Grievances may arise from those complaints but there are often better alternatives for dealing with ‘disputes’ than through formal grievance procedures – we consider the best options for different circumstances. You will learn to deal with someone presenting with a drug or alcohol problem in school, how to balance the competing interests between detailed teacher performance procedures and the duty of care for students and staff, and how to provide a framework for staff to address such problems and access help and support at an early stage.

Finally, as some of the thorniest and delicate complaints come via parents of students in schools, you will discuss parental rights and whether the Ombudsman’s office is an appropriate route for pursuing parental dissatisfaction.

After attending you will:

  • Understand grievance procedures for teaching and non-teaching staff;
  • Understand how protected disclosures legislation can be used to frustrate the process;
  • Be able to identify the challenges relating to stress and workloads and practical solutions;
  • Learn how to deal with someone presenting with a drug or alcohol problem in school and how to balance competing interests;
  • Learn how to address complaints from parents and identify the most appropriate course of action.

Course overview/outline programme

  1. Grievances in Schools - Dealing with the 'Whistleblowing Shield'
  2. Stress, Grievances and Alternatives
  3. Alcohol and Drug-related Issues in Schools
  4. Parental Complaints’ Procedure

Who should attend?
This practical seminar will be particularly valuable to School Principals and Vice Principals and other school leaders, including teacher union representatives.

Where and when?
9:20am - 2:00pm on Thursday 21st March 2019
Dunsilly Hotel, Antrim

Standard: £245 +VAT

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9:20am - 2:00pm


21 March 2019


Dunsilly Hotel, Antrim


Standard: £245 +VAT

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