Diversity & Inclusion Summit 2021

Diversity & Inclusion Summit 2021

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Diversity and Inclusion has climbed the leadership agenda during the last decade, and 2020 has proven to be one of the most important years for those concerned with D&I issues.

Pictures of the arrest and killing of George Floyd forced many throughout the world to ask themselves uncomfortable questions about individual behaviour, but in addition, whether racism is also structural and institutionalised. The Black Lives Matter movement saw people in many countries tearing down statues of those who were connected to the slave trade. 2020 proved to be the year, finally, in which large numbers of those involved in the BLM movement were white.

The #Metoo campaign keeps male power and its abuse both inside and outside the workplace firmly in the spotlight. The conduct of former President Trump has forced everyone to consider the importance of truth, evidence and facts, and their bearing on trust in leadership.

Undoubtedly, the biggest D&I issue of the past 12 months, however, has been Covid-19 and how employers have responded to the pandemic. Covid-19 has disproportionality affected many groups of employees including females (who bear the main weight of childcare responsibilities), the young, the disabled and certain ethnic groups.

This Diversity and Inclusion Summit will address all these key issues relevant to the world of D&I in the modern workplace in light of these huge developments.

Expert speakers will discuss the importance of these developments and provide practical advice and guidance for everyone working in this fascinating but fast moving and highly complex area.

This online Summit promises to have every attendee leaving with plenty to reflect on personally as well as plenty of useful takeaways you’ll be able to implement immediately.

When and Where?

This event will take place online on the Hopin platform between 9.15am and 4pm on the 25th March 2021.  


Standard Rate: £95 +VAT

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Welcome and Introduction: Barry Phillips, BEM, CEO Legal Island and Chair of the D&I Discussion Forum


Roundtable Discussion: Where are we now with D&I in the Workplace post Trump, the Covid Outbreak, BLM and the #Metoo Movement? Key experts on Workplace D&I in the UK and Ireland discuss: Lucy Michael, Mark Fenton, Eileen Chan, Nufar Galin


Break & Networking


Remote Working and Inclusivity – how to do it and do it well. It seems clear now that remote working is likely to become common place in many organisations bringing benefits to both employers and employees. Lisa Kepinski explains how we can best manage remote and hybrid workers to maximise the diversity dividends many of them bring to an organisation.


Break & Networking


How to Successfully Prospect for Diversity and its Dividends in Your Organisation.  Mark Fenton challenges you to look harder and deeper both inside and outside your organisation for the diversity that often exists in even the most seemingly homogenous of working environments. It explains how diversity is more than just physical traits and why a focus on both cognitive diversity and inclusivity in organisations can prove very powerful.


Break & Networking


Biased Behaviour in the Workplace – should we aim to call it out or call it in?  Does bias at work always have to be tackled by “calling it out” or going as far as lodging a format complaint or grievance? “Calling it in” provides space for employees to learn how to improve and develop without feeling singled out or embarrassed about behaviour that may be viewed as biased whilst respecting boundaries, and importantly reduces pressure on complainants. Leading D&I specialist, Dr Lucy Michael explains how to build a culture of accountability which strengthens relationships in the workplace rather than damages them. Q&A


Lunch & Networking


A Choice

Stream 1: Optimising the Recruitment Process for Maximum Diversity

This highly practical session aims to assist everyone to:

  • understand bias & behavioural science in recruitment
  • consider de-bias training and how best to do it
  • de-bias job descriptions
  • de-bias screening processes
  • de-bias interviews
  • understand data-driven recruitment processes
  • consider the full candidate experience

Patrick White


Stream 2: The New World of Online Meetings - a huge opportunity for D&I?
A badly conducted meeting with dominant personalities is a wrecking ball for organisations wanting to tap into the diversity that may be around the table.

With many meetings now online is it time to hit the re-set button and do meetings completely differently to hear more from minority groups and those who sometimes go unheard in meetings such as the young, the introverts, the inexperienced and the newly employed? And how can this best be done? Leading performance consultant, Jon Bartlett says that harnessing the power of Nancy Kline’s the Thinking Environment in an online meeting format will transform the D&I in your organisation.


Break & Networking


Managing Disability in a Remote Working Environment

Seònaid Ó Murchadha explains to Barry Phillips latest advice on how to best manage those with a temporary or long term disability in a remote working environment.


Networking & End


"Great set up and format with great speakers. For a full day virtual event I didn't notice the time going in and never got bored! Really liked having the option of networking. The speakers were all excellent."
Maxine Williamson, Deputy HR Director - Workforce & OD, Southern HSC Trust

"Great to be able to give comments and ask questions throughout the presentations. Everything went along very well."
Jean Murray, Head of HR, Property Registration Authority

"Excellent energy and engagement. Parallel sessions worked very well."
Alana Jones, Director, Alana Jones Workplace Solutions

"I thought you did an amazing job and the conference went really well"
Leeann Matchett, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Queens University Belfast

"Excellent, inspiring and thought-provoking conference with fantastic speakers. I also thought the Hopin platform worked very well."
Ellen Nolan, Solicitor, McCann FitzGerald

"Content was great, looking forward to the opportunity to catching up on the sessions I did not see which I a major benefit to the online conference."
Helen Tierney, Higher Executive Officer, Department of Justice & Equality


  • Barry Phillips
    Barry Phillips Chairman
    Legal Island

    Barry is the curator of the Northern Ireland Diversity and Inclusion Gala/Awards designed to recognise the great work many individuals and organisations are doing now relevant to workplace equality and equity. He also chairs the Diversity and Inclusion Discussion Forum which meets monthly online to discussion current D&I issues.

    Barry Phillips (CEO) BEM founded Legal Island in 1998. Since then, the company has become the leading workplace compliance training company in the island of Ireland. He was awarded a British Empire Medal in the UK New Year’s Honours List 2020 for services to employment and equality.

  • Mark Fenton
    Mark Fenton CEO & Founder | Executive Coach
    MASF Consulting Ltd.

    Founder of a specialist advisory firm focused on the power & influence of the Inclusion of Diversity. Inclusion empowers organisations to attract and retain the best talent and enables this talent to be at their best everyday. Transformation focus - business, culture and strategy. Start-up and Scale-Up expertise. Advisory Board Member of Irish Tech Society. Senior international executive with over 20 years' experience, the majority of which gained while living and working in London and Paris.

    Mark also works as an Executive Coach (for example via the University College Dublin (UCD) MBA Coaching Panel, and the UCD CEMS Mentoring Panel) and has been accredited as a Senior Practitioner by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. 

  • Dr Lucy Michael
    Dr Lucy Michael Managing Director
    Lucy Michael Consultancy Research and Training

    Dr Lucy Michael is an expert on integration, diversity and equality in Ireland and the UK.  Her work has addressed a range of equality and integration concerns, from the workplace and education to policing, racist discrimination and violence, the experiences of victims, and the roles of statutory institutions and civil society in combating discrimination and exclusion.

    She has worked with the International Organization for Migration-the UN Migration Agency, Home Office and a wide range of executive and local authority bodies responsible for integration and equality in the UK and in Ireland.

  • Eileen Chan-Hu
    Eileen Chan-Hu CEO & Founder

    Born in Belfast of Chinese origin Eileen is the CEO and Founder of CraicNI in Belfast. Formerly she was the CEO of The Chinese Welfare Association NI. She has worked in the community and voluntary sector for over 20 years to senior management

  • Nufar Galin (she/her)
    Nufar Galin (she/her) Head of Product

    Nufar has worked in startups in Tel-Aviv, Berlin and London, developing digital products across finance and tech; notoriously non-diverse industries. Passion for diversity and inclusion made her lead D&I efforts in past roles, eventually leading her to head up product at Applied - a platform for de-biasing hiring.

  • Lisa Kepinski
    Lisa Kepinski Inclusion Institute
    Founder & Director

    Lisa is the founder & director of Inclusion Institute. She brings over 25 years’ experience working in diverse, global environments, as a senior executive for Global Diversity & Inclusion with AXA, Microsoft, & Hewlett-Packard setting strategic direction internationally. Her current global organization, Inclusion Institute, is focused on consultancy, training, coaching, & research to increase inclusion. Lisa’s special expertise in behavioral science and organizational development integrated with inclusive culture make her a unique resource for change at all levels. She partners with organizations on how to successfully achieve their goals for creating a more inclusive culture for sustainable growth and achieving their strategic mission. Lisa works for impact in our workplaces and societies.

  • Patrick White
    Patrick White Head of International Growth

    Patrick is Head of International Growth at Applied, working as a leading trainer on D&I issues including how to create fairness and remove bias from recruitment processes.

  • Jon Bartlett
    Jon Bartlett Coach, Listener, Facilitator
    Project Libero

    Jon Bartlett is a facilitator and coach who helps people and organisations by creating the conditions for them to think freely and well about their direction and priorities. With a background leading teams in fast moving operational businesses, his clients appreciate his urgency and dynamism which in turn gives them the necessary space and time to think.

  • Seònaid Ó Murchadha
    Seònaid Ó Murchadha Disability Consultant & Trainer
    Bionic Woman Ireland

    Founder of Amputee Disability Federation Ireland, Seònaid Ó Murchadha has been promoting the employment of people with disabilities for over 20 years, using her unique perception and engaging methods of communication to highlight the abilities of people with disabilities.  Most recently, Seònaid has been working with Dublin City University’s Centre of Excellence for Diversity and Inclusion helping organisations to build cultures of inclusion by providing access to the very latest developments in academic research, insights and tools on diversity and inclusion.

Event details


9.15am - 4.30pm


25 March 2021




Standard Rate: £95 +VAT