Data Protection Update: Ensuring Your HR Department is GDPR-Compliant

Data Protection Update: Ensuring Your HR Department is GDPR-Compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation must be implemented throughout the EU by way of domestic legislation by 25th May 2018 at the latest. In the UK, the government has published "A New Data Protection Bill: Our Planned Reforms", which highlights how the GDPR will be implemented throughout the UK. The Bill itself is currently under scrutiny at the Houses of Parliament.

The headlines point to fines of €20m euros for data breaches, although costs could actually be much higher – civil action by those affected by a data breach and prison sentences in certain cases. There is no lead-in time for the GDPR after 25th May. We are already in the lead-in time. This event is designed specifically for HR professionals in order that you can get your own department in order by 25th May 2018.

Why is this event important for YOU?
All organisations will have to comply with the new data protection laws or face massive fines, negative publicity and legal action that could potentially close the organisation down. Human Resource departments hold a huge amount of personal data and interact with many other departments who also hold employee data – occupational health, finance and IT departments to name but three. You cannot allow the HR department to be the source of a data breach – this event is tailored specifically for HR professionals and is aimed at helping you get your HR functions GDPR-compliant.

Many HR professionals will also be given the role of Data Protection Officer – a new independent overseer of data protection in organisations, defined in the statute. Conflict with your employer is eminently possible – where do you stand in your DPO role? Even if you yourself are not the DPO, s/he will want to inspect your HR department – do you want a pass or a fail when the DPO inspects your systems for protecting data?

After attending you will:
Understand how a data protection impact assessment or audit works and be able to identify the actions you must take in your HR department to ensure it is GDPR-compliant. You will also be in a position to provide a high-level understanding of actions required throughout an organisation that the senior management team must put in place for your employer to be GDPR-compliant.

More value from this event
You will spend the day on deep analysis and practical exercises designed to prepare HR professionals and help ensure you know what you have to do and how you have to do it to be GDPR-ready for 25th May 2018.

Each of the sessions will have a short presentation and an exercise and/or template for every attendee to work through to reinforce learning.

Course overview/outline programme

  • Overview of the GDPR
  • Managing the Employee Records in Line with the GDPR
  • Accountability in HR
  • Data Retention and the Right to be Forgotten
  • HR Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Outsourcing HR Functions or Data
  • HR’s GDPR Relationships Within the Organisation
  • Mandatory Breach Notifications

Who is it for?
This event is aimed at HR professionals who wish their department to be GDPR-compliant and who wish to do all they can to ensure that data protection is designed into the HR functions and procedures ensure data protection by default – thereby minimising the risk of a data breach.

Although all the exercises and template documents used in this event will relate to HR functions, the principles can be applied to all functions within an organisation. So, non-HR professionals with data protection responsibilities may wish to attend and will gain from such attendance but it will be of particular relevance to HR professionals. 

When and where?
9:20 am - 4:30pm Wednesday 14th March 2018
Hilton Hotel, Belfast

Early Bird Rate: £435+VAT (deadline Friday 2nd February 2018)
Standard Rate: £495+VAT

Early Bird Rate

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Event details


9:20am - 4:30pm


14 March 2018


Hilton Hotel, Belfast


Early Bird Rate: £435+VAT (deadline Friday 2nd February 2018)
Standard Rate: £495+VAT