Data Protection Update 2020

Data Protection Update 2020

Due to the current situation with Coronavirus/Covid-19, this event has been postponed until Autumn 2020. If you'd like to be notified when the new date is confirmed, please email

Legal Island and Pinsent Masons (guest speaker Laura Gillespie) will be holding a free webinar on Workplace Data Protection in the Home on Thursday 2nd April at 11.00am.

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Data loss and associated problems continues to be the most pressing and possibly even an existential threat to many organisations. The GDPR is beginning to really kick in as we approach the second year of its operation.

In October 2019 The Court of Appeal established in the case of Lloyd v Google LLC that compensation is in principle capable of being awarded for loss of control of data, even if there is no financial loss and no distress. ‘Class’ or ‘representative’ actions on behalf of many claimants has been established. Is there an organisation in the UK that hasn’t had at least dozens of Subject Access Requests (SARs)? Is there an HR department that hasn’t received SARs in relation to grievances or other complaints, seemingly unrelated to the GDPR?

Why is this event important for YOU?

The ICO anticipates that a lot of new guidance and codes of practice will be published by May 2020. The ICO will give a presentation on those developments at this event.

In addition, we will focus on other challenges to employers in relation to data protection, such as CCTV images, covert recording and how to get data back from employees who leave your organisation.

After attending you will:

Have received a comprehensive update on data protection developments that affect employers in Northern Ireland and will have had ample time to question the ICO and the Regulatory and cyber security teams of Pinsent Masons.

Course overview/outline programme

Technology and Data Protection:

  • CCTV and Video Images – What are the rules on using CCTV evidence and images in the workplace?
  • Covert Recording – When is it lawful or not lawful to covertly record meetings?
  • Wearable Devices – wearable alarms and more help keep employees safe – but when does their use become unlawful under the GDPR?
  • AI in HR – HR departments increasingly us artificial intelligence options but can AI be lawfully used if the data collected is fully automated?

HR and Data Protection

  • Special Category Data – Can employers rely on this information where it mentions a number of data subjects?
  • Employees and SARs – Can employers limit the impact of SARs? What information may lawfully be redacted or anonymised?
  • Leavers and Data – how do you stop your data going AWOL when employees leave your organisation?

ICO Update 2020 - Learnings, Trends and Lessons from the Regulator

  • The ICO provides a round-up of developments and new guidance expected by May 2020

Cyber Attacks, Data Breaches and Continuing Compliance

  • Data breaches in the UK are being reported to the ICO at the rate of 43 per DAY. We provide sensible options to minimise your chances of attack and to maximise your chances of recovery after an attack.

Who is it for?

This event is aimed at employers and HR professionals with data protection responsibilities and concerns.

Trainers & Speakers:

Our Speakers will all be data protection experts from Pinsent Masons LLP’s Regulatory and Cyber Security Teams and from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

When and where?
9:20 am - 1.00pm, Autumn 2020
Pinsent Masons' Offices, Belfast

Standard Rate: £295+VAT
Standard Small Company/Charity Rate: £245+VAT

Save an additional £20 when you book and pay online

Event details


9.20am - 1.00pm


21 April 2020


Pinsent Masons' Offices, Belfast


Standard Rate: £295+VAT
Standard Small Company/Charity Rate: £245+VAT

Save an additional £20 when you book and pay online