ChatGPT + AI for the Legal Profession

ChatGPT + AI for the Legal Profession

Are you weighed down by the burden of your daily legal tasks and duties?

This trailblazing workshop demonstrates how the time taken to do today’s typical legal tasks can be slashed by up to 50% by clever use of ChatGPT and other AI tools.
If it isn’t already, at some point soon ChatGPT will be a pre-requisite skill for every profession ranking alongside familiarity with powerpoint, word and outlook.
In this intensive online half day workshop we cut through the ChatGPT jargon and help Legal Professionals to understand how to harness the full power of this amazing new tool that is capable of slashing admin time.

Unlock the Power of AI in the Legal World!

  • Jargon Busting and AI Fundamentals - Get a crystal-clear understanding of AI concepts without the confusing jargon. Lay the foundation for harnessing AI's potential in the legal field.
  • Drafting Documents with ChatGPT - Discover how ChatGPT can become your ultimate assistant in crafting impeccable legal documents. Streamline your drafting process with AI precision.
  • Summarising Legal Decisions with ChatGPT - Learn how to leverage ChatGPT to extract key insights and summaries from complex legal rulings. Make informed decisions, faster.
  • Navigating Data Protection Concerns - Understand and mitigate the risks associated with AI and ChatGPT usage in the legal industry. Safeguard sensitive information effectively.
  • Top 5 AI Tools for Legal Professionals - Explore the cutting-edge AI tools and plug-ins tailored for the legal domain. Stay ahead of the curve with innovative technology.
  • Regulation of ChatGPT in the Workplace - Delve into the latest discussions on regulating ChatGPT's role in professional settings. Stay informed about ethical and legal considerations.
  • Insights from Richard Susskind's Predictions - Reflect on Richard Susskind's 2017 forecasts for the legal world. Uncover the accuracy of his predictions and glean insights for the future.

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to revolutionize your legal practice with AI. Secure your spot now for a day of insights, learning, and networking. See you there!


Full programme coming soon!


“10 of 10, fantastic workshop”- Clayre Scott, HR Advisor, Leckey

“This was an extremely useful seminar. Very informative” - Deena Keane, HR Advisor, Altrad 


  • Barry Phillips
    Barry Phillips Chairman
    Legal Island

    Barry Phillips (CEO) BEM founded Legal Island in 1998. Since then, the company has become the leading workplace compliance training company on the island of Ireland. 

    Barry curated and chaired the first-ever AI for HR online event in September 2023. Since then, he has organised numerous webinars and workshops for HR on AI topics. He also presents a weekly podcast summarising important developments in AI for those in HR.

Event details


1.30pm - 4.30pm


13 December 2023




Early Bird Price £95 (Ends 3rd October 2023, 5pm) 

Standard Price: £149