Understanding TUPE – A Practical Seminar

Understanding TUPE – A Practical Seminar

Since the ‘new’ TUPE regulations were introduced in 2006, we have seen a great deal of case law develop, particularly in the area of contracting out/in services, which in Northern Ireland is governed by our Transfer and Service Provision Change Regulations.

We have also seen differences arise between TUPE laws in GB, where further changes were introduced in 2014, and NI, where the legislation hasn’t changed since 2006.

Why is this event important for YOU?
Employers and their advisors need to know how the Regulations operate and are developing (and the differences between GB and NI), or you will face major legal problems and unanticipated liabilities and costs. More than that – you need to understand how TUPE works in practice and how to avoid the (very expensive) pitfalls.

This event combines presentation by renowned TUPE experts, Adam Brett, Partner, Jones Cassidy Brett and Roger Watts, Partner, C&J Black solicitors, and a series of group exercises, designed to reinforce your learning in a safe environment.

After attending you will:
Have a clearer understanding of TUPE laws and developments, where the opportunities lie and how to avoid dangers.

Course overview/outline programme
There are four key sections in the programme, each followed by a group exercise to reinforce learning:

  • Defining TUPE and the Framework of Protections
  • Unfair Dismissal and Other Employment Factors
  • Service Provision Changes
  • Information and Consultation

Who is it for?
This event is aimed at anyone who is, or will soon be, going through a TUPE transfer or anyone who might have to advise and employer or employees on same.

When and Where?
9:20am-4:30pm on Tuesday 24th October 2017
The Merchant Hotel, Belfast

Charity/Small Company* Rate: £435+VAT
Standard Rate: £495+VAT

Save an additional £20 when you book and pay online.

*All organisations with fewer than 50 employees or charities qualify for our Charity/Small company rate. The number of employees includes all branches, subsidiary/parent companies, boards, trusts and federated organisations.

Event details


9:20am - 4:30pm


24 October 2017


The Merchant Hotel, Belfast


Charity/Small Company* Rate: £435+VAT
Standard Rate: £495+VAT

Save an additional £20 when you book and pay online.