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Understanding TUPE – A Practical Seminar

Understanding TUPE – A Practical Seminar

Despite a fairly stagnant economy and Brexit around the corner, we have seen an increase in transfers of undertakings, particularly in relation to the outsourcing of services and service provision transfers in Northern Ireland.

TUPE experts from Jones Cassidy Brett and C&J Black explore how HR and other managers involved in the tendering process can influence a transfer situation – before, during and after a relevant transfer – to your advantage.

With a focus on the local economy our experts seek to demystify this difficult area of law for employers in Northern Ireland by providing exclusive practical checklists of value to those who may seek to put services out to tender or who may be interested in providing services caught by TUPE laws.

What are the learning outcomes?

  • You will receive practical advice and from recognised experts in this field.
  • You will receive a series of our exclusive practical checklists for clients, transferors and transferees that will help you shape the transfer to meet your needs and will reduce the scope for hidden liabilities and future litigation
  • You will understand the main elements and how to avoid the traps involved in transfers.
  • You will receive our exclusive TUPE-themed case law table, highlighting important and recent TUPE/SPC case references and the TUPE/SPC aspect to which they apply
  • You will have an opportunity to quiz the experts during the seminar and network during the buffet lunch that follows. Bring your business cards!

Who is it for?
Commercial, Operations, Finance and Human Resource Managers will benefit greatly from attending this practical, commercial and legal update. This seminar is for anyone who might be involved in transferring an organisation or service, or part of an organisation or service, from one employer to another and who would like to avoid the myriad pitfalls that surround this complex legislation.

When and Where?
8:55am-2:00pm on Thursday 13th June 2019
Grand Central Hotel, Belfast

Standard Rate: £295+VAT
Charity/Small Company* Rate: £245+VAT

Save £20 when you book and pay online.

*All organisations with fewer than 50 employees or charities qualify for our Charity/Small company rate. The number of employees includes all branches, subsidiary/parent companies, boards, trusts and federated organisations.


Event details


8:55am - 2:00pm


13 June 2019


Grand Central Hotel, Belfast


Standard Rate: £295+VAT

Charity/Small Company* Rate: £245+VAT

Save an additional £20 when you book and pay online.