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DWF's Equality Review – February 2020

Posted in: Equality Law Decisions on 05/02/2020 Introduction So, its the start of a new decade but the same equality issues dominate, namely sexual harassment and equal pay. But also, on the radar at the beginning of the year has been focus on philosophical beliefs and in particular Ethical Veganism. In this article and indeed future articles in...
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Discrimination and Equality

Dismissing Employees entitled to Long-term Disability Benefits

Posted in: Equality Law Decisions on 12/02/2019 Awan v ICTS UK Ltd, [2018] UKEAT 0087_18_2311, [2019] WLR(D) 24 Facts Mr Awan commenced employment with American Airlines as a Security Agent at Heathrow Airport on 11 April 1992 and was entitled under his contract of employment to both contractual sick pay and the benefit of a long-term disability...