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Cassidy's Comments: A Former Head's Views on Current Educational Issues

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Violence Against Teachers – How Should We Respond?

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 19/02/2018 Reading the recent Belfast Telegraph headline, “Union blames budget cuts for spike in pupil assaults on teachers”, three questions immediately spring to mind. How bad is the problem? What is causing it? What should our response be? In answer to the first question, the Telegraph article by Brett C...

Addressing Teacher Workload and Conditions of Service in NI

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 15/01/2018 It is generally agreed that teaching is becoming a more difficult job year on year. Problems of pupil behaviour, rising expectations by parents and increased class sizes because of budget cuts, have all combined to produce a marked deterioration in teacher’s working life experience. While in Englan...
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New Realities for Computer Use in Schools

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 11/12/2017 When I began teaching in 1977 computer use in the classroom was not even considered possible. Today it is an ever-present, dominant reality. So how are we as teachers adapting to this change with all its attendant opportunities and threats? Sugata Mitra, Professor of Educational Technology at the S...

Pupil Career Choices and Pressures on Curriculum

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 13/11/2017 In a recently published guidance document called ‘How to help your Child with their Future Career Plans’ The Department of The Economy Careers Service sets out the challenge of planning for our young people’s futures in a changing labour market. “It is very difficult to accurately forecast the job ...

The Importance of Languages in the Northern Ireland Curriculum

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 17/10/2017 “The limits of my language are the limits of my world”‒Ludwig Wittgenstein The current debate about an Irish Language Act has generated much healthy discussion about how we view and manage different languages in Northern Ireland. While on holiday recently in Belgium, I was struck by how well they m...

Can current teacher stress levels be better managed?

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 18/09/2017 After a lovely summer break schools are back to face the budget realities of 2017-2018. I wrote back in January 2017 about teacher morale problems and now we are seeing further evidence of an education system under strain in terms of teacher stress levels. Even with the prospect of Secretary of St...

Downsizing Dilemmas

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 15/05/2017 Every conversation I have with school leaders these days is dominated by the budget cuts facing schools. This new harsh reality and the attendant potential redundancies are not only changing the shape of curricula and staff profiles but also fundamentally the nature of our schools. The collective l...

Educational Visits - Magical Mystery Tour or A Hard Days Night?

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 26/04/2017 With the summer term approaching schools are beginning to think of school trips and outings. It has generally been a very enjoyable part of school life for both teachers and pupils, but now more than ever it requires meticulous preparation and a watchful eye on the legal implications. In recent yea...

How to Handle Difficult Conversations in School

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 13/03/2017 Being a school leader inevitably brings difficult encounters, particularly with parents and staff. Getting these conversations right is a crucial part of successful school management. During my time as Regional Officer with ASCL this was a topic which came up a lot in casework and it was clear that...

The Future of Executive Heads in Northern Ireland?

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 13/02/2017 The Times newspaper on Saturday December 31st published a story headed, “School crisis as hundreds of heads quit”. Their research revealed that one in ten schools in England is losing a head each year and there are serious problems in recruiting new heads. NAHT General Secretary Russell Hobby is qu...