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Cassidy's Comments: A Former Head's Views on Current Educational Issues

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Parents Giving Children a Helping Hand

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 16/11/2018 The closer involvement of parents in their children’s education is now accepted as an important success factor in pupil achievement. As a result we are seeing television advertisements composed by the Department of Education in Northern Ireland promoting greater input from parents. The Department o...

Should Smart Phones be Banned in Schools?

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 05/10/2018 Rory Smith, writing for CNN on July 31, 2018 explores the implications of a new law in France which decrees that children aged between three and fifteen will not be able to use their mobile phones during school hours. The ruling affects both students in primary and middle schools and means that the...

School Funding Crisis: Where to Next?

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 17/09/2018 As schools return to begin the new school year Head Teachers are undoubtedly focused on how they can continue to deliver the high standard of education that Northern Ireland expects with significantly less money in their budgets. The Belfast Telegraph highlighted the issue on 20th June reporting th...

Addressing Mental Health Issues in Schools

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 14/05/2018 Writing in The Irish News on March 27th 2018 Leona O Neill highlights the alarming statistics that almost 300 suicides occurred in Northern Ireland last year and that 10% of school children under 16 have been diagnosed with a mental health issue. The article points out that schools can obviously p...

The Challenges of Dealing with Parents in Conflict Situations

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 16/04/2018 One of the most challenging aspects of school leadership is dealing with parents in conflict situations. It may once have been the expectation that when problems arose with a pupil, parents would sit in an embarrassed silence in the head’s office and hear what they should do with their erring offsp...

The Benefits to Northern Ireland of Inclusion and Supporting Learning

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 26/03/2018 The EASNIE report commissioned by the European Parliament in 2017 to examine the issue of inclusive education for learners with disabilities highlights the imperative for educational systems to provide high-quality education for all children. The study found that those with disabilities or social...

Violence Against Teachers – How Should We Respond?

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 19/02/2018 Reading the recent Belfast Telegraph headline, “Union blames budget cuts for spike in pupil assaults on teachers”, three questions immediately spring to mind. How bad is the problem? What is causing it? What should our response be? In answer to the first question, the Telegraph article by Brett C...

Addressing Teacher Workload and Conditions of Service in NI

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 15/01/2018 It is generally agreed that teaching is becoming a more difficult job year on year. Problems of pupil behaviour, rising expectations by parents and increased class sizes because of budget cuts, have all combined to produce a marked deterioration in teacher’s working life experience. While in Englan...
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New Realities for Computer Use in Schools

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 11/12/2017 When I began teaching in 1977 computer use in the classroom was not even considered possible. Today it is an ever-present, dominant reality. So how are we as teachers adapting to this change with all its attendant opportunities and threats? Sugata Mitra, Professor of Educational Technology at the S...

Pupil Career Choices and Pressures on Curriculum

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 13/11/2017 In a recently published guidance document called ‘How to help your Child with their Future Career Plans’ The Department of The Economy Careers Service sets out the challenge of planning for our young people’s futures in a changing labour market. “It is very difficult to accurately forecast the job ...