Latest in Cassidy's Comments: A Former Head's Views on Current Educational Issues

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Cassidy's Comments: A Former Head's Views on Current Educational Issues

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School Closures and Learning from Home. Are iPads the Obvious Solution?

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 12/03/2020 As we all come to terms with the implications of the Coronavirus and plan for school closures, the importance of using online learning has suddenly moved to centre stage. Certainly schools in other countries are managing their closures with teachers working from home and interacting with pupils onl...

Taking Children Out of School for Holidays in Term Time

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 18/02/2020 The thorny problem of children being taken on holiday during term time is presenting itself to head teachers this year as never before and is now even being debated on daytime television and in the press. Martin Lewis has entered the conversation with his celebrated money saving website, offering b...

Building Resilience for Mental Health - a New Priority

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 22/01/2020 Like many people in recent months I became transfixed by the endless television coverage of both the Brexit debate and the drama around the General Election. Alongside that however has been growing alarm at the worsening conditions for staff and patients in our health service. Then, with the restor...

How Should Schools Address Climate Change?

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 17/12/2019 On November 29th school pupils in Northern Ireland were again striking to protest about lack of action from the adult generation to address the threat of climate change, inspired by Greta Thunberg’s initial protest in late August 2018, when she took up position outside Sweden's Parliament for the f...

General Election 2019 - New Focus on Mental Health in Young People

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 13/11/2019 Mental Health in young people is suddenly right up there as a national priority in the election campaign as Jeremy Corbyn vows to deliver an £849 million boost for children battling mental health problems if elected. He has stated that the party will recruit a qualified counsellor for each of Engl...

School Transport Consultation Flags Up Change

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 12/11/2019 One of the first major consultations in 20 years by the Department of Education (DE) into school transport has reported that there is "broad support" for parents to pay a charge for home to school transport. Frank Cassidy discusses the implications of a potential charge for rural communities in No...

Addressing Bullying in Schools Act (Northern Ireland) 2016

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 08/10/2019 In this month’s Cassidy’s Comments, Frank discusses the impact that the ‘Addressing Bullying in Schools Act (Northern Ireland) 2016’ would have for schools, not least the administrative burden required by the (now paused) Act. He states that this Act and the accompanying comprehensive guidance are...

The Times They are a Changing – for Examinations in Northern Ireland

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 03/09/2019 As Northern Ireland once again excels in this year’s A level and GCSE results, it is gratifying to see a realisation by the local examination authorities that our pupils must be able to compete on equal terms with their counterparts in England. The planned introduction of the C* grade at GCSE ens...

Are School Inspections Changing?

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 20/05/2019 In a recent speech to the Schools North East summit, Chief Inspector of Schools in England and Wales Amanda Spielman, discussed the driving force behind the proposed Ofsted inspection changes in England and Wales due to come in September 2019. In his latest article Frank Cassidy, former principal ...

Home-schooling in Northern Ireland. Who is in charge?

Posted in: Cassidy's Comments on 15/04/2019 In his latest article Frank Cassidy, former principal of St Louis Grammar School in Ballymena and Regional Officer of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) in Northern Ireland, considers arguments for and against home-schooling. A recent Channel 4 Dispatches documentary highlighted t...