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We are Great Britain's leading provider of compliance eLearning training with a dedicated legal team behind every course we produce. Our courses have been trusted to train over 200,000 employees in top public, private and third sector organisations across Great Britain and Ireland.

Dealing with Anxiety when Returning to Work (GB only)
As COVID-19 restrictions ease and workplaces open back up across Great Britain, it is more important than ever that your staff are equipped to deal with the feelings of anxiety that this change may bring. Legal Island has created a 45-minute eLearning course to support your employees when returning to work, whether from furlough or returning to the workplace after working from home.
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Managing and Motivating Remote Workers (GB only)

Whats Covered

What a remote worker and hybrid team is

The benefits and challenges of being a remote worker

The challenges of managing a remote team

How to manage a remote worker to optimise performance

Techniques to motivate and engage remote workers

How to protect your own mental health and wellbeing when managing remote workers

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While continuing to navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, as organisations and employees consider transitioning office-based workers to a new remote working option permanently, it is necessary that managers are trained to optimise team performance. They also need to protect the wellbeing of each team member, whether they all work remotely, or some are based in the office and are part of a hybrid team.

Legal Island has created an eLearning course in partnership with Think People Consulting that will provide managers of remote workers with the tools to manage and motivate their team, optimise performance, and achieve organisational goals.

Protecting Data when Home Working (GB only)

Whats Covered

Why data protection is important

The law relating to data protection

What is cyber security

How to protect your organisation from a cyber attack

What to do if you discover a data breach

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With most organisations suddenly having remote working thrust upon them, what are you doing to protect your employees, customers and reputation? Compliance around data and data protection for remote workers is very important. This is why we created a 30-minute course to protect you and your organisation.

Data breaches are often accidental and the result of staff carelessness. The fear and panic surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) have produced a perfect ‘high stress’ environment for cyber criminals.

Protecting Yourself when Home Working (GB only)

Whats Covered

The importance of health and safety when working from home

Your responsibilities under health and safety law 

How to protect your physical health while home working

How to protect your mental health while home working

How to work together to protect each other

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The unprecedented situation that COVID-19 has created in the UK has meant more employees than ever have been asked to work from home. Many employees will never have experienced working outside of the office and these employees should know how to protect themselves from injury and ill health during this time.

The purpose of this course is to provide all employees in your organisation with an overview on how to protect their physical and mental health whilst home working.

Cyber Security in the Workplace (GB only)

Whats Covered

What is cyber security?

Types of threats

Impact of a cyber attack

How to protect yourself and your organisation

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It is vital that your employees have an understanding of the importance of cyber security and the dangers which may be present in your workplace.

Legal Island’s Cyber Security in the Workplace eLearning course is tailored specifically to the law in Great Britiain and provides comprehensive compliance training for all employees on cyber security practices in the workplace.