Workplace Bullying in Northern Ireland

About this course

Every employee has the right to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. Bullying and harassment of any kind should not be tolerated whether employees work at a fixed location, at home or on the move. Both employees and employers have a role to play in promoting a positive workplace culture free from bullying.

It is vital that all employees have an understanding of what bullying is and how to address it. Employers should provide workplace bullying training to all staff on commencement, together with regular refresher updates throughout their employment.

Legal Island has created a 45-minute eLearning course, specifically for all employees in Northern Ireland, to enable your organisation to help raise awareness of bullying and harassment in the workplace and explain what to do if employees are concerned about bullying.

This course has been recently updated and now includes the most recent bullying statistics from Northern Ireland, a new ‘Meet the colleagues’ section, and information on how artificial intelligence can impact workplace bullying.  

What is bullying in the workplace?

Bullying is not specifically defined in Northern Irish law, however, the Labour Relations Agency (LRA) explain bullying as:   

"Where one person or persons engage in unwanted conduct in relation to another person which has the purpose or effect of violating that person's dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for that person."

It is estimated that 18.9 million workdays are lost in the UK each year because of bullying, at a cost of approximately £18 billion to businesses annually. This statistic highlights bullying at work can also have significant effects on the organisation. (Source: Investopedia)


What is not considered bullying in the workplace?

It is important that your employees also recognise what is not bullying at workIn order to do this, it is essential to distinguish bullying from other inappropriate behaviours at work and from what is deemed as appropriate workplace engagement.


What is the purpose of this course?

The purpose of this course is to raise awareness of bullying in the workplace, identify bullying behaviour (and behaviour that is not considered bullying) and explain how to report bullying.


Who needs this Workplace Bullying training?

Advice from top employment lawyers is that workplace bullying training is completed on day one of employment and then refreshed regularly to ensure all staff are aware of their roles and responsibilities in keeping the workplace harassment-free. Providing all staff with training will ensure a workplace where any conflict or issues around behaviours are dealt with, fairly and effectively.  



The standard rate of this course is £30 per staff member, however, depending on the number of staff you have, discounts may be available.
To discuss your training options or if you wish to discuss bespoke training needs regarding the inclusion of in-house documents in this eLearning programme, please contact Debbie Wilson - debbie@legal-island.com.


What does this course cover?
This course was designed specifically for organisations based in Northern Ireland by a team of bullying and harassment experts and lawyers.

Topics covered within the course include:

What is (and what is not) bullying at work

What is harassment at work

What are the effects of bullying at work

How to prevent bullying at work

What employees should do if they are concerned about bullying in their workplace

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