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The purpose of this data protection training course is to help employees understand their responsibilities and obligations under GDPR and data protection law in Northern Ireland. 

The way we work has changed dramatically in recent years, resulting in a greater dependence on technology to enable effective communication between both in-office and remote employees.  We are seeing new advances in AI (Artificial Intelligence) fast developing, creating both positive and negative issues for businesses.  Combined, these changes increase the likelihood of data breaches, cyber security threats, and the possibility of confidential information being compromised.

This course is tailored specifically, to provide all your employees with comprehensive GDPR training and you with an evidence trail for the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), should a data breach occur.  


What is GDPR?

The UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 1st January 2021, and it sets out the key principles, rights, and obligations for the processing of personal data in the UK.  It is based on the EU GDPR which applied in the UK before that date, with some changes to make it work more effectively in a UK context.  In essence, it is designed to bring controls on how organisations process personal data into line with 21st-century developments, like social media, e-commerce, mobile data, and the cloud. 

If your organisaton fails to comply with GDPR and data protection legislation, you could be facing fines of up to £17.5 million or 4% of your global turnover.  Organisations processing personal data are obliged not only to comply with the law but also to demonstrate they have complied.  Careless processing of personal data by your organisation can also ruin your reputation, lower employee morale and lower the market value of your company. 

You can make your systems and contracts GDPR complaint and bring your workforce up to date with all staff training.  Data protection compliance training reduces the likelihood of data breaches at work and significantly strengthens your defence when dealing with the ICO.  


Who needs GDPR training?

Data protection courses like this are essential for all members of staff whether they are in-office, hybrid or remote workers.  It will make them aware of their responsibilities and obligations under GDPR and data protection law and mean they are better equipped to protect your organisation against a cyber attack. 

In their most recent annual report, the ICO revealed that they received 36,343 data protection complaints between 2021-2022

The ICO advises it is good practice to provide all staff with data protection training on or shortly after starting employment with regular refresher updates throughout their employment.  


Why is data protection compliance training important?

Our dependence on technology to enable effective communication between both in-office and remote employees and fast developing advances in AI (Artificial Intelligence) has increased the likelihood of data breaches, cyber security threats, and the possibility of confidential information being compromised. 

Data protection courses are essential as an employee must comply with the law and understand the risks to the organisation’s reputation, the fines the organisation may face, and their own personal risk of disciplinary action or even dismissal if they are involved in a data breach. 

According to IBM’s ‘Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022’, organisations take on average 277 days to detect and contain a data breach, and 45% of data breaches occur in the cloud

Raising staff awareness through data protection eLearning training will help ensure compliance with the principles of GDPR and reduce the likelihood of data breaches and cyber attacks.  


What are the benefits of GDPR training online?

Taking part in GDPR training online is both an affordable and time-efficient way to provide your staff with the necessary data protection training they need to increase their GDPR awareness and understanding.  Other benefits of our GDPR training online include:

  • Suitable for all staff, regardless of their location
  • Our GDPR course online provides staff with self-paced learning
  • Supports individual learning styles and needs


The standard rate of this course is £30+VAT per staff member, however, depending on the number of staff you have, discounts may be available.
To discuss your training options or if you wish to discuss bespoke training needs regarding the inclusion of in-house documents in this eLearning programme, please contact Debbie Wilson - debbie@legal-island.com.
What does this course cover?
This GDPR training course was designed specifically for organisations based in Northern Ireland by a team of data protection experts.  

Topics covered within the course include:

Why protecting data is important

The law relating to data protection

How to protect data in the modern world

How to protect against a cyber attack

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