Domestic Abuse Awareness

About this course

The purpose of this course is to tackle the crucial yet often overlooked issue of domestic abuse. It will explain the different forms of domestic abuse, how an employee experiencing abuse may be impacted at work, and the resources and support available to them.   

It is important to note that domestic abuse is a difficult subject to read and talk about. We recommend that employees find a safe space to complete this course and take a break when they feel it is necessary. A list of local support services is also included within the course.


Why is Domestic Abuse Awareness Training Important?

According to the PSNI, 33,071 domestic abuse incidents were reported in Northern Ireland in 2023, an increase of 144 incidents on the previous 12 months.

With the introduction of the Domestic Abuse (Safe Leave) Act pending, employers in Northern Ireland will have a duty to offer at least 10 days paid leave for victims of domestic abuse.

To implement domestic abuse leave effectively, it is recommended that employers embed this support measure within a wider organisational response to domestic abuse, outlined in a workplace domestic violence and abuse policy.

Legal Island has created this Domestic Abuse Awareness eLearning course for all staff to help raise awareness and complement workplace policies and procedures.


Who needs this Domestic Abuse Awareness training?

Every employee deserves to feel safe, valued, and respected, inside and outside the workplace. Domestic abuse not only affects those directly involved but has ripple effects on colleagues too.

In their ‘Safe at home, Safe at work’ guidance, the Labour Relations Agency (LRA) and Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) Northern Ireland Committee advise that organisations should consider a programme of training for all employees.

In this eLearning course, we explain the many different forms of domestic abuse, how people can be impacted especially within the workplace, and the resources and support available to them. All-staff training on domestic abuse awareness has the potential to:

  • Empower affected employees to seek assistance and support
  • Ensure all staff are informed about the availability of domestic abuse leave
  • Contribute to a zero tolerance culture of domestic abuse in Northern Irish society


How long does this Domestic Abuse Awareness training take?

The course will take no longer than 25 minutes to complete including an assessment.  Each member of staff will receive their own personalised certificate upon successful completion. 



The standard rate of this course is £30+VAT per staff member, however, depending on the number of staff you have, discounts may be available.

To discuss your training options or if you wish to discuss bespoke training needs regarding the inclusion of in-house documents in this eLearning programme, please contact Debbie Wilson - debbie@legal-island.com.


What does this course cover?
This course is designed specifically for organisations based in Northern Ireland by a team of domestic abuse awareness experts.

Topics covered within the course include:

What domestic abuse is

The impact of domestic abuse

Resources and support available

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Additional Resources


As well as the provision of awareness training for all employees as mentioned above, Legal Island has also created a Domestic Abuse Awareness training course for managers, team leaders, and designated persons.

This course is included as part of the package when purchasing the all-staff awareness training course for all staff members.


eLearning Course


Domestic Abuse Awareness for Managers

The purpose of this course is to provide detailed training for managers, team leaders, and designated persons on recognising and responding to domestic abuse.  It will explain the different forms of domestic abuse and how an employee experiencing abuse may be impacted at work.  It will also provide practical guidance for managers on how to handle a disclosure of abuse and how to support affected employees.   

Topics covered within the course include: 

What domestic abuse is

The impact of domestic abuse

How to handle a disclosure of domestic abuse

How to support affected employees

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