Data Protection in the Northern Ireland Workplace

This easy to access e-learning module is tailored specifically to meet the needs of Northern Ireland organisations. It provides thorough data protection training suitable for all employees.

Data Protection training in the workplace has become increasingly important in recent years.  According to research carried out by PwC in 2015, the worst data breach incidents are costing UK businesses between £1.5 million and £3m on average through business disruption, lost sales and assets and damage to reputation.  The new EU Regulation requires organisations to improve how they process and protect data. It also introduces significantly higher fines for data breaches.  Data Protection training reduces the likelihood of data breaches at work and considerably strengthens the employers’ defences when dealing with the Information Regulator.

Guide to the Data Protection in the Northern Ireland Workplace eLearning Module [Video]


To obtain free access to the Data Protection eLearning module or discuss your requirements further, please contact Debbie on 028 9446 3888 or

Developed specifically for the Northern Ireland market by a team of data protection experts and lawyers based in Northern Ireland, the Legal-Island Data Protection eLearning module will:

  • Provide an organisation with evidence of course completion which they can point to when working with the Information Regulator.
  • Improve organisation image
  • Increase employee awareness of the 8 Principles of Data Protection.
  • Improve employee performance
  • Reduce training costs

Areas covered include:

  • Introduction to the Data Protection Act
  • 8 Principles of Data Protection
  • Information Security

Additional features:

User convenience:  Training can be completed at the user’s convenience, anytime day or night.

Record keeping: A designated senior staff member can access the secure and easy to use Learning Management System (LMS) to check which employees have completed the training and which have not.

Assessment: An end of course assessment is included to ensure the users have understood key components of the training.

Certification: Successful users will automatically receive a certificate indicating they have passed the course.  This allows you and them to maintain a record, should you need to refer to it in the future.

Course Length
40-50 mins including assessment 

Data Protection in the Northern Ireland Workplace Certified

Here's what your peers say about the module:

"An interactive and engaging elearning experience, giving a good grounding in the principles and application of the Data Protection Act - suitable for any organisation handling personal data."
Deirdre Allison, Yearn2Learn Training, an ILM Approved Development Provider, Belfast 

"This data protection elearning is easy to understand and holds the viewer's attention. The report functionality is an excellent feature assisting organisations with their compliance audits."
Mark Reid, Solicitor, Derry/Londonderry

What to do next?

To obtain free access to the Data Protection eLearning module or discuss your requirements further, please contact Debbie on 028 9446 3888 or