Victoria Logan

Victoria Logan

About Victoria Logan

Victoria has 10 years’ experience in the world of marketing, communications and design. She began at Allstate in 2009 on the Corporate Communications team as a graphic designer. As the company expanded, her role grew into a combined graphic design and marketing role. In this role, Victoria worked with many departments within the IT division to develop marketing materials and plans for their projects, programs and events. In 2017, Victoria joined the Allstate Information Security department.

In her current role as Cybersecurity Communication and Awareness Specialist, Victoria is responsible for developing and executing global internal and external marketing and communications material for Allstate’s Information Security organisation. She focuses on the human element of cybersecurity with strategically targeted written communications and designs that create understanding of complex subject matter and effectively use language and imagery in an innovative and creative way to reinforce key cybersecurity messages.

Victoria’s passion for cybersecurity led to her involvement in the award-winning Allstate Cyber Safety for Kids program. The program involves cybersecurity professionals delivering an interactive session on how to stay safe online to children ages 5-9. With the program from the start, Victoria helped design the sessions and was responsible for creating the marketing materials. She was instrumental in the global rollout out of the program in the U.S. and India.

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