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Michele Berry

Michele Berry

About Michele Berry

Michele Berry is an experienced Employment Relations Consultant, a Certified Mediator, Arbitrator and Workplace Investigator. Her particular HR expertise relates to dignity at work, bullying and harassment, disciplinary and grievance issues.

Michele is an Executive Coachmentor and works extensively in psychodynamic and transformational mentoring and coaching programmes for senior executives, managers – either as individuals and/or in teams.

Michele holds a range of highly recognised qualifications in relation to investigative, mediation and coaching practice.  She is a dynamic trainer and has received recognition and achievement awards from various organisations for her excellency in all the services she and her team at Charis Consultancy provide.  Michele has been the Owner/Director of Charis Consultancy since 1999.

Michele is a lay person to the Northern Ireland Bar Disciplinary Panel and to the Lord Chief Justice for dealing with Judicial Complaints. She is an Independent Appeals Chair for a number of public sector bodies; is one of the employment mediators for the PSNI and has been an Arbitrator and Independent Appeals Chair with the Labour Relations Agency for the past 16 years.

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