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Marie Ferris

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Marie Ferris is an Accredited Executive coach, with more than 1000 hours of coaching experience, specialising in leadership coaching. She has been coaching and delivering coaching training programmes since 2007, winning a National Training Award (2015) for Excellence in Coaching, sponsored by the Association for Coaching, in recognition of her “outstanding contribution to coaching”.

Marie has helped hundreds of managers and internal coaches to develop their coaching skills.  She completed an MSc in Human Resource Management, with her research focused on coaching for managers within organisations, and worked with ILM for 5 years as a Quality Advisor specialising in coaching qualifications, advising and auditing other centres on their ILM coaching programmes. She is a member of the Association for Coaching’s Irish Leadership Team, and has recently trained as a Coaching Supervisor.

Marie founded Thrive Coaching and Development in 2019 to help organisations build and capitalise on the power and impact of coaching, bringing tried and tested, proven approaches that work, but tailored to each organisation’s specific needs. Thrive provide customised coaching development programmes for organisations, helping their leaders and managers to inspire and grow the energy and potential of their teams, increase motivation and engagement, support staff wellbeing, and ultimately achieve better results.

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