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Aoife Hamilton

Aoife Hamilton

About Aoife Hamilton

Aoife Hamilton is Policy and Information Manager at Employers For Childcare where she is responsible for the management of the charity’s functions. A key function is the Family Benefits Advice Service which provides information and advice to parents, employers and others on a wide range of childcare and work-related issues. Additionally, the charity carries out research which provides a solid evidence-base to lobby Government on childcare, family and work-related concerns. Helping to break down the barrier that the lack of affordable childcare presents to working parents underpins her work at the charity whose ethos is to address childcare, not only as a social issue, but also as a labour market and economic issue.

Previous to this Aoife worked as Policy Development Manager at the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland and has also held roles in social research within both the private and voluntary sectors in Northern Ireland.

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