Job Retention Scheme and Employment Implications of the Coronavirus

Posted in : 'Any Questions' Webinar Recordings on 3 April 2020
Seamus McGranaghan
O'Reilly Stewart Solicitors
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Seamus McGranaghan from the Employment team at O'Reilly Stewart solicitors and Neill Wallace from the Labour Relations Agency join Legal Island to discuss the Job Retention Scheme and the employment implications of the Coronavirus.

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Commons Briefing Paper - Job Retention Scheme

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[Updated] Coronavirus Awareness in the Northern Ireland Workplace (this is a free course)

This course will help raise awareness of the coronavirus and provide information for all employees on how to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This course will also provide you with guidelines on how to protect yourself and your colleagues in the workplace.

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Data breaches are often accidental and the result of staff carelessness. The fear and panic surrounding the coronavirus (Covid-19) have produced a perfect ‘high stress’ environment for cyber criminals.

It is vital that all of your employees – from customer service to marketing and sales, many of which will be home working now - know how to protect your organisation’s confidential data from cyber attacks and fully understand their obligation under data protection legislation to protect the data they handle.

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[New] Protecting Data when Home Working in Northern Ireland (limited time offer available)

With many Northern Ireland employers taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by requesting that employees work from home, this course is designed to help your employees understand the essential elements of protecting data when they work outside the office

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Seamus McGranaghan
O'Reilly Stewart Solicitors

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