Template Letter: Invite to Disciplinary Hearing

Posted in : D.I.Y Templates on 13 December 2016
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This template invite to disciplinary hearing letter includes notes to demonstrate how it complies with the requirements laid out in the LRA’s Code of Practice. 

You will be aware of the Statutory three-step procedure when dealing with disciplinary issues and the need to, in Step One, write to the employee. The Code of Practice states that employers should:

  1. Let the employee know in writing the nature of what they are alleged to have done wrong.
  2. The letter setting out the allegation can also be used to explain the basis for making the allegation. It is important that an employee is given sufficient information to understand the basis of the case against them.
  3. If applicable, provide copies of any written evidence, which may include any witness statements, with the notification letter.
  4. Invite the employee to a meeting at a reasonable place and time.
  5. Inform them of the possible consequences of the formal action
  6. Inform them of the right to be accompanied at the meeting

As stated above the purpose of this letter is to give a practical demonstration of how / where these 6 points are covered so that you can be assured that your Step One letters are compliant.

Download the template invite to disciplinary hearing letter now:

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Neil McLeese
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