Guidance for Employers in Making Reasonable Adjustments

Posted in : Reasonable Adjustments – Guidance for Employers on 28 October 2020
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Practical Guidance

Legal Island, in association with Jones Cassidy Brett Solicitors, have prepared what we hope will be a user-friendly and helpful guide.  This has been developed with employers in mind, to help bring guidance and resources for the making of adjustments for disabled applicants and employees into one user-friendly publication. 

A review of approximately 250 cases before the NI and GB tribunals and courts which featured reasonable adjustments was undertaken to analyse what the various fora deemed to be ‘reasonable’ adjustments.

We also added in numerous other suggestions of reasonable adjustments to highlight that most of them are actually free or relatively inexpensive. Employer’s should not be scared of employing disabled people – as this guide shows, it generally doesn’t take very many resources to support disabled employees so that they can work effectively and efficiently. 

In Part 1 of the guide Adam Brett provides a short introduction to the legal position and some of the factors for consideration when considering what adjustments to make.

Part 2 of the guide is a case review of the many different types of adjustments, from acquiring or modifying equipment through to adjustment of procedures, e.g. discounting certain absences or varying start and finish times.

Part 3 of the guide contains two tables summarising various types of adjustments that could be made for both mental health conditions and physical conditions.  These tables highlight adjustments that the tribunals/courts have deemed reasonable and also include some additional suggestions and supporting documents and sources of further information.

Part 4 of the guide contains a number of helpful appendices, including a sample Review Meeting Checklist which we hope you may find helpful in preparation for and during meetings.  It also contains a list of useful publications and a directory of charities and other organisations in NI that can provide support for employers to enable them to make adjustments for applicants and employees.  Appendix 2 has a couple of exercises that are designed to help you get the most out of this guide.

Open the guide: Reasonable Adjustments for Disabilities - A Guide for Employers here

Directory of Charitable Organisations in NI

The Reasonable Adjustments guide (above) contains in Appendix 4 a table showing a list of organisations that provide support for employers and employees in facilitating reasonable adjustments, ranging from leaflets and publications to advisory support.  We have also created a list of Charitable Organisations in Northern Ireland that provide support for disabled people and their families.

The organisations detailed in the directory are all Charitable Organisations, the details of which are available on the Charities Commission website:

For simplicity these have been categorised as organisations that focus on either Mental Health Conditions, Physical Disabilities, Sensory Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Addictions, or those organisations that provide support for multiple disabilities.     

The services provided by the charities are described as either Education/Training; Advice/Advocacy or Welfare Services (e.g. counselling, volunteer development, etc). We hope you find this guide useful.  If you support a Charity and feel that it should be included here please email   Likewise, if you feel the information shown herein is not correct please send any amendments to the above email address.

Open the Directory of Charitable Organisations in NI here.


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