Workplace Wellbeing, Mental Health & Resilience Podcast (Ep 9) - Positive Psychology Perspective: Building Resilience & Maximising Your Energy

Posted in : Podcasts on 24 August 2021
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Issues covered: Workplace Wellbeing, Mental Health and Resilience

Episode 9 - Positive Psychology Perspective: Building Resilience & Maximising Your Energy

The final episode of our podcasts in this series, ‘Positive Psychology Perspective: Building Resilience & Maximising Your Energy’, provides brain-hacking techniques to accurately analyse your thoughts, feelings and subconscious responses, manage your worries, and regain control when you feel overwhelmed. 

Leadership Consultant, Peter Nolan of Coaching Mindsets discusses a positive psychology approach to wellbeing places the emphasis on not just surviving but thriving. 

Peter believes that every person has the capacity to live the life they choose. He is driven by the desire to support people in achieving their goals, overcoming their limiting beliefs and contributing meaningfully to teams and communities. For over 15 years, Peter has supported individuals and businesses in achieving their goals. His diverse experience and unique skills provide him with the ability to ask insightful and challenging questions. A natural innovator and persuasive speaker, Peter improvises and shapes creative solutions with ease. He has a track record of building collaborative teams, guiding strategic partnerships and delivering effective and sustainable solutions in diverse markets.

About this Podcast

This podcast series focuses on several key sessions recently delivered at Legal Island’s online Workplace Wellbeing, Mental Health and Resilience event in association with KinchLyons, which took place on 20th May 2021.

These podcasts will help you make sense of new ways of working and help you improve the levels of wellbeing, mental health and resilience within your organisation.

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