Barry Phillips Meets... Ellen Murray

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Ellen MurrayEllen Murray is Executive Director of Transgender NI a not-for-profit organisation that campaigns for the rights of transgender and non-binary people in Northern Ireland.

Born in 1993 and raised in West Belfast, she founded GenderJamNI a trans youth group and three years later set up the Belfast Trans Resource Centre the first such centre in the UK and Ireland.

Ellen is herself transgender having begun her own journey from male to female in 2003. In a BBC documentary recorded recently, she said: "I probably wouldn't be alive today if I hadn't transitioned".

In May 2016, Ellen became the first transgender person to stand for election to the Northern Ireland Assembly as a Green Party candidate for West Belfast.

Although now firmly in the arena as a human rights campaigner originally Ellen had very different plans. She studied Electronics and Electrical Engineering at Queen's University Belfast and, by her own admission, has a number of nerdy interests including amateur radio, urban motorways and street lighting.

This episode captures her story and her contribution to the new Northern Ireland.

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