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Posted in : HR Matters on 1 May 2015
Emma Gunes
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One of the champions of Onboard Staffing is local NI employer the Henderson Group. The Henderson Group first engaged with Emma Gunes in 2011, and retained the services of Epitome managed services for the management of recruitment campaigns.

During this time a strong client relationship was established and Emma approached the Head of HR, Sam Davidson, to ask for his teams input into the idea for LANDED. At that time, June 2013, LANDED was no more that a PowerPoint presentation, but the Henderson Group were sold on the idea and instantly expressed an interest in getting involved. The rest, as they say, is history. The Henderson Group's HR team worked closely with the LANDED team over the next 12 months to ensure that LANDED worked for recruiters the way they needed it to. In July 2014 the system went live across the Henderson Group's retail network and in June 2015 they will transfer all of their applicant tracking to LANDED.

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Onboard Staffing Solution’s Ltd is a fully owned NI company headed by company Directors, Emma Gunes (the recruiter) and Michael Carlin (the software guru). Founded in 2013 out of the frustration of not being able to find a solution that addressed the ever increasing problem of irrelevant applications. Emma and Michael combined the talents of staff from two previous businesses to create a company that focuses on delivering modern recruiting solutions for growing companies. Unlike traditional solutions they focused on using the latest technology to make the hiring journey better for the applicant AND the in-house recruiter/company owner. Securing a Proof of Concept grant in 2013, the entrepreneurs set about building a new software, LANDED, that would enable companies to control all aspects of the recruitment funnel from one dashboard, but realising that not all small NI companies want to invest in software solutions they continued to develop their managed service brand Epitome. So with Onboard Staffing Solutions all bases are covered, recruit yourself with the LANDED software or get a team of recruiters to do it for you with the Epitome solution.

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