ChatGPT’s Latest Modification Redefines AI Interaction

Posted in : Supplementary Articles NI on 18 May 2023
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Just a few days ago ChatGPT made a slight change to its user interface – only it wasn’t slight at all. It was seismic.

Addressing Concerns : Accuracy and Data Reproduction

Until recently, users were warned that any information inputted by the user would be used by ChatGPT for training purposes and therefore could well appear at a future point in time as an output to one or more other ChatGPT users. But now this has changed. With this recent upgrade it is now possible to adjust user settings to ensure that inputs are not used for such purposes and, in effect, are ignored, except for the purposes of answering the user’s immediate question. It strikes many as bizarre that such an important function was introduced with so little fanfare….

It is a really important development. This is because lawyers have two main gripes with ChatGPT at the moment. The first is the accuracy of the information generated by ChatGPT – major factual errors are often buried in amongst other very plausible information. The second gripe is the likelihood that inputted information will be sucked in by this extraordinary machine and reproduced somewhere else more than once, publicly. This latter concern seems to have been addressed with this recent update.

ChatGPT’s User-Focused Approach : Putting you in Control

But how do you do you make the relevant adjustments to your ChatGPT settings? Here’s how :

- In ChatGTP go to Settings located towards the bottom left hand side of the screen by your user email address

- Click “Data Controls” and disable “Chat History & Training” option first line on the right

Now you know.

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