ChatGPT4 – So good they named it four times?

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ChatGPT like Google but on unlawfully large amounts of steroids? Maybe.

It’s claimed that the fourth version out this week is so good it can pass the American Bar exams when a previous iteration failed.

History may judge this example of AI as the one that finally brought AI into the mainstream. Until its appearance late last year AI was that thing out there on everyone’s periphery that we didn’t really understand. Now it’s fully in front of many of us and we understand it will have a significant impact on how common tasks are done not to mention the shape of some job roles in the future.

ChatGPT4 may come with improvements on its predecessor, but it also comes with many of the same limitations. The advice to HR therefore remains the same at least for now : unregulated employee use of ChatGPT increases the risks of litigation. HR needs to act right now.

Currently, ChatGPT4’s limitations include the following :

# Low to no confidentiality. Because ChatGPT4 trains itself on internet data but also user input there’s no guarantee inputs won’t be reproduced somewhere else at a later stage, anywhere in the world for that matter. Employees should warned never to input personal or commercially sensitive data.

# Inaccurate or wrong information. ChatGPT4 is still disposed to make things up. Worse still, it can drop the erroneous material in amongst content that is very plausible or generally known to be true. High trust tasks therefore in HR and the legal world should be kept well away from ChatGPT’s gaping mouth unless of course it’s used as a first draft before it’s passed onto the legal teams.

# Correcting or deleting information.  The right to correct inaccurate data and the right to be forgotten seems to have been overlooked. Presently, it’s still not entirely clear how ChatGPT guarantees both these rights if at all.

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