Digital Resilience in an Always-On World

Posted in : Supplementary Articles NI on 14 April 2022
Chris Flack
Issues covered: Stress associated with workplace technology

Digital demands have increased dramatically since March 2020, leading to work productivity and employee turnover challenges.

We know that technology itself, if used mindfully, has extraordinary benefits. Behaviour change consultancy UnPlug run evidence-based programmes to empower staff to develop Digital Resilience and support organisational change through Digital Culture. These programmes help create work design for hybrid models which encourage higher-performing and happier staff leading to lower employee turnover and higher productivity.

In this engaging and interactive session, Chris Flack, Co-founder of UnPlug, guides you through key research, tools and techniques, providing simple, practical takeaways so that you and your employees may learn to boost the benefits and reduce the stress associated with workplace technology.

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